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ISSN 0394-9508

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Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4)


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):235-7

The varied presentations of Meckel’s diverticula: an analysis of a small series

Narayana Moorthy S., Arcot R.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):239-42

Should preoperative carotid Doppler USG be considered as a routine investigation in the patients who will undergo CABG?

Mehmet Adnan C., Kivanc B., Faru A.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):243-9

Review of 6 cases of modified left ventricular restoration: endoventricular spiral placation

Hiraoka A., Kuinose M., Chikazawa G., Totsugawa T., Katayama K., Yoshitaka H.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):251-5

Atls versus tccc: the Italian experience on the battlefield

Lunardi F., Pozza M.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):257-9

Grynfeltt hernia: a case report and literature review

Martin G., Oviedo M., Davila D., Gumbau V., Martinez C., Roig J. V.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):261-7

Carcinoma of the adrenal cortex: presentation of a case report of giant adrenal cortex carcinoma and review of literature

Pricolo P., Cartisano M., Galli C., Pricolo R.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):269-71

Cardiac rupture following vacuum assisted closure dressing

Barua A., Barua B., Singh H.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):273-5

Critical illness myopathy and neuropathy (CRI.MY.NE.) after mitral valve replacement: a case report

D’Auria F., Pellegrino A., Mve Mvondo C., Nardi P., Di Rezze S., Ortali G. A., Di Mario F., Chiariello L.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):277-9

Right atrial and infundibular approaches in the treatment of two separate and atypically located post-myocardial infarction ventricular septal defects

Hatemi A. C., Omay O., Kumbasar U., Süzer K.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):281-2

Migrating thrombus trapped in a patent foramen ovale: an unusual case successfully treated by isolated oral anticoagulant therapy

Nicolò F., Grego S., Gislao V., Nardi P., Polisca P., Chiariello L.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):283-6

Thoracic endovascular aortic repair with the balloon occlusion technique of visceral arteries for shaggy aorta

Kiuchi R., Ohtake H., Nishida Y., Sanada J., Matsui O., Watanabe G.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):287-9

The unusual surgical correction of a pulmonary artery sling case associated with an aberrant right subclavian artery: off-pump surgery

Bilal M. S., Kirbas A., Gurer O., Celebi A.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):291-3

Split right coronary artery associated with atherosclerosis

Darwazah A. K.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):295-6

Vertebral artery pseudoaneurysm by gunshot wound: endovascular treatment

Hartwig Niebuhr M., Yde J., Hansen M. A., Lönn L., Eiberg J. P.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):297-300

CT scan plays a fundamental role in diagnosis of alithiasic gallbladder perforation: case report with atypical clinical symptoms and discussion of the literature

Pierro A., Berardi S., Maselli G., Spera G., Princi P., Sallustio G.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):301-10

Postsurgical obesity in 3rd ventricular tumours: new pathophysiological perspectives

Hildebrandt G., Brändle M., Stienen M. N., Gautschi O. P., Van Leyen K.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):311-2

A delayed form of Guillain-Barré syndrome following spinal trauma

Salhab M.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):313-5

Use of ophthalmic knife for posterior cervical discectomy

Kaliaperumal C., O’Sullivan M. G.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):317-20

Squamous cell carcinoma arising in an epiphrenic diverticulum: report of the 22nd case resected by robotic minimally-invasive thoracic surgery and review of the literature

Ahmadinia H., Meyer M., Margolis M., Tempesta B., Gharagozloo F.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):321-4

Robotic extended esophageal myotomy: a novel minimally-invasive approach to the treatment of esophageal leiomyomatosis

Garagozlo K., Meyer M., Gharagozloo F., Tempesta B., Margolis M., Strother E.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):325-9

Repair of ischemic mitral regurgitation with measuredposterior annuloplasty. A follow-up

Jyrala A., Gatto N. M., Kay G. L.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):331-4

Raynaud’s Syndrome caused by intrathoracic goiter. Case report

Jabłoński S., Misiak P.


Chirurgia 2012 August;25(4):335-8

Delayed presentation of a Roux-en-Y afferent loop stricture

Tatulli F., Caputi A., Notarnicola A., Gencarelli D., Caraglia A., Chetta N., Ruggieri T., De Feudis G., Chetta G.

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