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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2)


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):87-90

Omental interpositioned mesh herniaplasty in incision hernia

Murat C., Tevfik K., Huseyin Y., Ahmet T., Adil K.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):91-6

Predictors of prosthetic graft infection after arterial reconstructions in the groin

Bosma J., Wisselink W., Vahl A. C.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):97-9

Electromyographic activity of the sphenomandibularis and lateral pterygoid human muscles during mandibular lateral movements

Fuentes E., Frugone R., Paolinelli C., Hack G. D., Bittner V.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):101-3

Surgical treatment of anaplastic thyroid cancer extending to the right heart

Totaro P., Nicolardi S., Dore R., D’Armini A. M., Viganò M.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):105-9

Drug-induced gingival overgrowth: a clinical and histopathological report

Santana Coimbra L., De Andrade C. R., Schneider Herrera B., Cirelli J. A., Spolidorio L. C.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):111-4

A rare case of idiopathic colonic varices: case report and review of the literature

Grasso E., Sciolli L., Ravetta F., Pelloni A.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):115-7

Papillary fibroelastoma - A cardiac trebuchet

Senanayake E., Quinn D., Steeds R., Bonser R.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):119-23

Pneumoperitoneum resulting from the rupture of a pyogenic liver abscess

Mariani F., Bonazzi G., Brigidi G., Cafferati M., De Filippis F., Genovese E., Ghersi T., Grammatico V., Marchigiano E., Roberti L., Cumbo P.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):125-7

The route of a bullet through the chest and its minimal effect: a report of a “lucky” case sustained gunshot-induced penetrating thoracic injury and review of the literature

Spiliopoulos K., Chnaris A., Tsantsaridou A., Tsilimingas N. B.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):129-31

Symptomatic lumbar intratumoral schwannoma hemorrhage as the first manifestation of hemophilia A: case report

Fargen K. M., Murad G. J.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):133-4

Heroin-inhalation-induced cerebellar leukoencephalopathy

Fabiano A. J., Hoppenot R., Plunkett R. J.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):135-9

Surgical treatment for bilateral adrenal metastases from hepatocellular carcinoma: report of 2 cases and review of the literature

Hayashi M., Shimizu T., Inoue Y., Komeda K., Asakuma M., Hirokawa F., Miyamoto Y., Takeshita A.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):141-2

A rare congenital abnormality of biliary tract: double gallbladder. A challenge for surgeon. Case report

Portale T. R., Pesce A., Branca A., Scilletta R., Puleo S.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):143-4

A case of a spontaneous diaphragmatic tear complicated with the strangulation of colon

Lv X., Aizemaiti R., Wang Y., Tu Z.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):145-9

Spontaneous regression of an interradicular radiolucency in the midline of the mandible: a case report

Yilmaz B., Ersev H., Dinçol M. E.


Chirurgia 2012 April;25(2):151-3

L5 radicular pain related to a vertebral posterior longitudinal ligament (PLL) cyst. Clinical presentation, radiological and intraoperative findings. Case report and review of the literature

Kalfas F., Ronchini N., Godowicz T. T., Severi P.

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