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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6)


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):301-6

Cardioprotective effect of ischemic postconditioning and its relationship to the mitochondrial permeability transition pore

Peng W., Cheng B., Hu J., Liu Y., Wang Y.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):307-13

The effectiveness and safety of aorto-carotid bypass for patients with Takayasu’s arteritis

Roh Y-N., Lee K-B., Kim Y-W., Sung K-I., Kim D-I.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):315-7

Agenesis of the gallbladder and cystic duct: case report and review of the literature

Grasso E., Cantarella S., Politi A., Samperisi L., Guastella T.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):319-22

Thoracoscopic resection of a true ectopic mediastinal goiter with intraoperative ultrasound-color Doppler guidance and laparoscopic vessels sealing generator

Gonfiotti A., Jaus M., Barale D., Panconesi R., Bechi P., Macchiarini P.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):323-5

Decision making for recurrent mitral paravalvular leak

Giordano V., Hensens A. G.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):327-31

Technical considerations and operative aspects of late conversion of endoluminal stent-grafts

Thomas S., Vijayan V., Norman P., Mwipatayi B. P.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):333-5

Primary endovascular stenting for transplant renal artery stenosis: a case report

Toufeeq Khan T. F., Anzar Baig M., Al Jared M. S.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):337-9

Blastomycosis of the prostate and epididymis: case report and review of the literature

Busato W. F. S. Jr, Almeida G. L., Dos Santos J. V. Q. V., Gonçalves J. R. R.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):341-3

Renal vein leiomyosarcoma: a case report

Sala-Almonacil V., Plaza-Martinez A., Gomez-Palones F., Ortiz-Monzon E.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):345-7

A rare case of occipital cranial bone osteochondroma

Romeo F., Santangelo M., Fiorentino L., Alloro E., Toscano S., D’agostino A.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):349-51

Percutaneous retrieval of a misplaced guidewire from the sigmoid dural venous sinus

Perdikakis E., Kehagias E., Tsetis D.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):353-6

5-ALA guided surgery plus carmustine wafer implant and the Stupp regimen (radiotherapy and temozolomide) for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme

De’Santi M. S., Genovese M., Amoroso E., Manto A., Piucci B.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):357-60

Endoscopic endonasal removal of an intrasphenoidal paranasal sinus meningioma mimicking a squamous cell carcinoma

Sasani M., Ramazanov M., Oktenoglu T., Peker K., Fahir Ozer A.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):361-3

A case of cavernoma of the cavernous sinus

Tun K., Cemil B., Ocakcioglu A., Goker T., Gokce E. C., Caylak B.


Chirurgia 2011 December;24(6):365-7

Early spontaneous disappearance of a “benign” cranial dural arteriovenous fistula with hemorrhagic onset

Cecchi P. C., Schwarz A.

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