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A Journal on Surgery

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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1)


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):1-4

Oral treatment with levofloxacin in oncological urology: retrospective analysis of clinical results

Costantino G., Aiello R., Clementi S., De Meo L., Matera M.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):5-8

Pseudoaneurysms: a retrospective study of 52 patients

Tiryakioglu O., Demirtas S., Goncu T., Yumun G., Ozyazicioglu A.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):9-12

Local immunity and inflammation in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma and parotid tumor

Krasteva A., Ivanova A., Aleksiev E., Altankova I., Bocheva S., Kisselova A.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):13-5

The FAST protocol (Focused Assessment with Sono-graphy in Trauma) in the closed abdominal trauma. An essential aid for the emergency surgery

Caiazzo P., Trivellini V.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):17-23

Assessment of surgical risk and emergency surgery in colorectal cancer

Ammenti M.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):25-7

Growth potential of the patent ductus arteriosus in interrupted aortic arch repair

Bell Z., Nwaejike N., Bonde P., Gladstone D.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):29-30

Operating coronary to pulmonary artery fistula on beating heart in a young man. Case report

Nemati M. H., Eskandari M.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):31-4

Congenital absence of the left pericardium associated with sinus venosus defect in a deaf-mute patient

Darwazah A. K., El Sayed M. H., Yosri A., Ghoneim A.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):35-7

Giant granular cell tumour of the middle oesophagus

Ezemba N., Okafor O. C., Ekpe E. E.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):39-41

Adenocarcinoma arising at an ileostomy site: an unusual and late complication of ulcerative colitis

Ismail I., Navarra G. G., Grassi A., Bonomi S., Virzì S.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):43-4

Cervicomediastinal trauma of the subclavian-jugular confluence: surgical approach. Case report

Rodrigues A. S. L., Canelas A. L. C., De Oliveira M. V., Meguins L. C., Rolo D. F.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):45-8

A lung metastasis of large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the urinary bladder

Maeda R., Isowa N., Onuma H., Miura H., Koumi T.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):49-50

Paratesticular pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma in an elderly man

Busato W. F. S. JR, Bettega L. B. P., Pereira E., Oliveira R., Soldatelli D. C. S.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):51-2

Successful surgical treatment of a rare lymphoproliferative disorder: Castleman’s disease

Baikoussis N. G., Karvelas F. P., Apostolopoulos N. V.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):53-6

Trigeminal neuralgia in geriatric edentulous patient

Bataglion C., Hotta T. H., Candelas Zuccolatto M. C., De Souza Coronatto E. A., Nogueira Bataglion C. A., Siéssere S., Hallak Regalo S. C.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):57-60

Non traumatic, single channel, low flow peroneal arteriovenous fistula leading to toe gangrene: an extremely rare observation

Kreidy R.


Chirurgia 2009 February;22(1):61-3

Demonstration of coronary to pulmonary fistula in a patient with mitral valve disease with 64-multidetector computed tomography

Arslan C., Cantürk E., Kayhan B., Erol C., Küroat Bozkurt A.

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