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Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2)


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):53-5

Early and mid-term results after endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of great saphenous vein with a 980 nm diode laser

Quarto G., Borriello C., Benassai G., Nunziata G., Solimeno G., Donzelli I., Gargiulo S., Quarto E.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):57-61

Stentgraft and concomitant infrainguinal revascularization in complex iliac occlusive disease: a retrospective study and follow-up in 22 cases

Raouf A. A., Rouleau Y., Clement A., Le Roux P., Genay P., Le Paul Y.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):63-5

Spinocellular carcinoma: clinical and epidemiological considerations and follow-up in 171 cases operated on at the Novara hospital

Choc I., Boriani F., Carlucci S., Bocchiotti M. A.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):67-72

The magnesium role in the post-thyroidectomy hypoparathyroidism

Sturniolo G., Bonanno L., Gagliano E., Tonante A., Taranto F., Mamo M., De Salvo G., Sturniolo G.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):73-6

Cough induced rib fractures in patients with respiratory infection

Sakellaridis T., Andrianopoulos E., Stamatelopoulos A., Laoutides G., Kormas P.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):77-80

Predictive factors of neoplastic recurrence in patients submitted to curative surgical treatment for gastric cancer

Guida F., Formisano G., Esposito D., Antonino A., Conte P., Bencivenga M., Masone S., Avallone U.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):81-2

Valuation and first treatment of the difficult wounds in the emergency

Di Quirico R., Cornacchia R., Orfanelli R., Di Tano V., Leonio L., Bindi F.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):83-7

Criteria of day surgery admission: the selection of the patients

Tonante A., Bonanno L., Taranto F., Gagliano E., Mandolfino T., Mamo M., D’Alfonso M., Sturniolo G., De Salvo G., Sturniolo G.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):89-91

Purse-string technique for off-pump radiofrequency ablation of both atria

Ishikawa S., Neya K., Kawasaki A., Wada S., Kito M., Ueda K.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):93-5

Sarcoidosis in thymic lymph nodes during mitral valve repair

Bonde P., Nwaejike N., Campalani G.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):97-8

Congenital aneurysm of the left ventricle in an adult. A rare entity

Christiansen S., Fehske W., Autschbach R.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):99-100

The destruction of vertebral body caused by compression of aortic abdominal aneurysm. A case report

Kazibudzki M., Szaniewski K., Ludyga T.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):101-3

Pulmonary hamartoma presenting with shoulder pain

Tekinbas C., Gunduz A., Turedi S., Erol M. M., Oztuna F.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):105-7

CT diagnosis of air embolism with treatment by patient positioning and aspiration

Van Geertruyden P. H., Sees D. W., Malave D., Van Geertruyden P. H.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):109-11

Acute pseudo-obstruction of the colon (Ogilvie’s Syndrome) following pericardial effusion. Case report

Santos Rodrigues A. L., Crociati Meguins L., Felgueiras Rolo D., Ferreira Lobato M.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):113-4

Solid-pseudopapillary tumor of pancreas: two case reports

Virzì G., Ragazzi S., Dell’Erba D., D’Agati P., Caputo S., Ciaccio G., Scaravilli F., Piazza D.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):115-7

Acute abdomen due to perforation of cecal metastasis from ductal breast carcinoma. Case report and review of the literature

Efremidou E. I., Papageorgiou M. S., Kouklakis G., Karanikas M., Liratzopoulos N., Manolas K. J.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):119-21

Retroperitoneal Castleman’s disease: case report

Martucci N., Corrado G., Russo M., Bartolo V., Coscia L., Aiello A.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):123-4

Retroperitoneal seminoma associated with burned out phenomenon in the testis: an unexpected diagnosis

Limongelli P., Maffettone V., Tolone S., Sciaudone G., Rossetti G., Del Genio G., Del Genio A., Rossiello R.


Chirurgia 2008 April;21(2):125-7

Granular cell tumor of the breast. A case report

Kokkinakis T., Spiridakis K., Krasonikolakis G., Grigoraki M., Panagiotakis G., Kandylakis S.

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