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ISSN 0394-9508

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Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2)


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):65-7

Lack of biochemical repercussion of radiofrequency ablation modified maze procedure concomitant with mitral valve replacementTorrado H., Farrero E., Granados J., Javierre C., Rodríguez D., Carrió M. L., Castells E., Ventura J. L.

Torrado H., Farrero E., Granados J., Javierre C., Rodríguez D., Carrió M. L., Castells E., Ventura J. L.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):69-72

Clinical effects of colforsin daropate hydrochloride after pediatric cardiac surgery

Ishibashi N., Hiramatsu T., Shin’oka T., Nagatsu M., Kurosawa H.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):73-6

Intrapleural infusion of urokinase in children

Markou A., Drakou A., Zisopoulou S., Koutrogianni V.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):77-8

On-pump coronary artery bypass grafting in chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Ashida R., Sarkar P.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):79-80

Acute Leriche syndrome disclosing a mycotic aortic valve endocarditis. Case report

Farhat F., Durand M., Bonnefoy E., Jegaden O.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):81-3

Vertebral-subclavian steal sindrome. Report of a case

Hsu Y-F., Lien L-M., Lin C-H., Hung C-R.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):85-7

Treatment of a pulmonary valve tumor suspected as metastasis of a malignant melanoma

Christiansen S., Breuer E., Fehske W., Autschbach R.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):89-91

Tracheal lipoma: an extremely rare airway obstruction in adults

Han S., Han U., Ozlugedik S., Sakinci U., Tezer M.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):93-5

Emergency combined right atrial and pulmonary thromboembolectomy. A case report

Sankar N. M., Vaidyanathan R. K., Sridhar K. S., Srivatsava P. K., Cherian K. M.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):97-100

Gastroinetstinal stromal tumors: two clinical cases

Donisi M., Salvati V., Sivero L., Romano E., Muto G., Patrone F., Compagna R., Simeoli I., Esposito D., Formisano G., Conte P., Antonino A., Guida F., Rusciano A., Avallone U.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):101-3

Spinocellular carcinoma of the ileum secondary to a cervico-facial neoplasm: a rare case report

Antonino A., Guida F., Esposito D., Formisano G., Conte P., Delli Carpini C., Mastrobuoni G., Mignogna C., Salvati V., Donisi M., Aprea G., Avallone U.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):105-7

Villous adenoma of the ampulla of Vater. A case report and review of the literature

Nardello O., Muggianu M., Cagetti M.


Chirurgia 2007 April;20(2):109-12

Pseudomyxoma peritonei: about 4 cases

Bounovas A., Karpouzis A., Doxani C., Sivridis E., Xanthopoulou H., Giatromanolaki A., Kouskoukis C., Simopoulos C.

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