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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5)


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):327-31

Aneurysms of the visceral arteries: therapeutical approaches in elective treatment and in emergency. the role of laparoscopy

Senatore S., Griffa B., Sacchi F., Zanardo M., Griffa A., Capriata G.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):333-6

A study of axillary artery cannulation in Stanford type A acute aortic dissection compared with femoral artery cannulation

Fujii H., Hirakawa A., Kitazawa Y., Yamamoto T., Nakatani T.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):337-40

Administration of sivelestat after acute aortic dissection surgery

Fujii H., Kaneda H., Fujiwara H. I.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):341-4

Post-traumatic diaphragmatic hernia

Lo Storto G., Cinquesanti L., Ulivieri M., Di Millo M., Montini F., Di Corcia M., Melino R., Di Gioia G., Tricarico F.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):345-8

Surgical repair of paracolostomy hernias

Moroni E., Bähr R., Müller A., Sapienza P., Colasanti M., Jonas J.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):349-52

Use of hyaluronic acid in the surgery of the carpal tunnel to prevent pillar pain. Evaluation clinical-instrumental with follow-up of three months. Preliminary study on 36 patients

Monacelli G., Spagnoli A. M., Rizzo M. I., Valesini L., Pardi M., Parlanti S., Irace S.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):353-5

Small bowel infection secondary to S. Typhi infection

Lo Storto G., Ferrario A., Zoongo D., Casumba K. J., Priuli F.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):357-8

Solitary rectal ulcer sindrome

Cortese M.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):359-61

Arterial reconstruction using a bifurcated graft for a temporary extra-anatomical bypass in the treatment of an infected aneurysm of the abdominal aorta

Nakajima T., Kawazoe K., Kataoka T., Fukuhiro Y.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):363-5

Surgical treatment of mobile right atrial thrombus and pulmonary embolism due to protein C deficiency associated with patent foramen ovale

Onem G., Vefa Ozcan A., Sacar M., Evrengul H., Baltalarli A.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):367-9

Is levosimendan a specific drug for stunning after cardiac surgery?

Oliver E., Torrado H., Saura E., Carrió L., Rodriguez D., Farrero E., Ruiz A., Castells E., Ventura J. L.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):371-3

Tetralogy of fallot with abnormal coronary artery

Korkut A. K., Ozkara A., Cetin G., Ersanli M., Suzer K.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):375-7

Single ventricular hearts reaching to adulthood

Ulusoy R. E., Kirilmaz A., Kucukarslan N., Suleymanoglu S.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):379-81

Thoracotomy for hemotorax in a woman with Parkinson. A case report

Colaut F., Toniolo L., Sernagiotto C., Pozzobon M., Sartori C. A.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):383-5

A case of pulmonary inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of the lungs

Maeda R., Isowa N., Kikuchi R., Onuma H., Miura H., Kawasaki Y.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):387-90

Diagnostic problems in a rare case of bleeding tumor from small bowel. A case report

Caronia V., Baraglia E., Battistioli M., Bonotto G., Pozzobon M., Gualandi O., Marchese M., Fabi F.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):391-2

Excision of a fluorodeoxyglucose-avid leiomyoma of the esophagus

Nath D. S., Dobrescu C., Weigel T. L.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):393-6

Non-parasitic true cyst of spleen

Messina M., Molinaro F., Roggi A., Ferrucci E., Amato G., Meucci D., Garzi A.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):397-400

Limits of laparoscopy in the surgery of colorectal cancer

Berretta S., Bonanno S., Spartà D., Fulvi A., Fisichella R., D’Agata A., Berretta M.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):401-4

Yolk sac tumor: case report

Montalto G., Caldeo L., Mingrone P., Cloro L.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):405-7

Retroperitoneal cyst of mesothelial origin. Case report and Literature review

Petrocelli P., Corsale I., Cerone M., Colugnat D., Ceglia R., Curcio R.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):409-11

Epitheliod sarcoma miming Dupuytrens’s disease with nerve spread

Monacelli G. P., Spagnoli A. M., Rizzo M. I., Pardi M. S., Irace S.


Chirurgia 2006 October;19(5):413-5

Complete surgical resection of a giant bilateral mediastinal liposarcoma through right thoracotomy

Cañizares M. A., García-Fontán E., Rivo E., Blanco M., Peñalver R.

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