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Chirurgia 2007 June;20(3):151-4


language: English

Rare case of breast cancer in von Recklinghausen’s neurofibromatosis patient

Soma P. F. 1, Scilletta A. 1, Cavarra L. 1, Grasso G. 2, Fraggetta F. 2, Siragò P. 1

1 Unit of Plastic Surgery Cannizzaro Hospital, University of Catania, Catania, Italy 2 Unit of Pathology Cannizzaro Hospital, Catania, Italy


We report a rare case of patient presenting Von Recklinghausen’s disease associated whit breast cancer. A 56 year old woman was admitted to our hospital for regoular follow up for the neurofibromatosis. The patient showed the typical symtomps of the disease including multiples cutaneous neurofibromas on all the body surface and the typicals cafè au lait spots over her face and thorax. It was noted in her family history that her mother had also been diagnosed with NF1 and that her sister had a surgical procedure for breast cancer. During the clinical examination was evidenced both the presence of numerous neurofibromas cutaneous at the chest and one nodule to the left breast localized at the lateral quadrants, of the dimensions of approximately 3 cm of diameter. Considerating the clinics and diagnostic results collected it has been decided to subject the patient to surgical procedure during which an extemporaneous bioptic examination of the mass has been carried out , that it has revealed the presence of lobular - ductal mixed carcinoma pT2 N0 G3; therefore we proceeded with mastectomy sec. Patey and left axillary linfadenectomy. Among patient similar to our case almost all were staged higher than T2.This may be because multiple neurofibroma obscure breast mass at palpation and so an accurate and sistemic explorationis recommended for the patients with Neurofibro-matosis of type 1 to the aim always of being able to characterize at early stage eventual breast cancer.

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