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Italian Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery 2006 April-December;17(1-3):75-81


language: English

Early secondary alveoloplasty in cleft lip and palate: state of the art preliminary report on a personal technique

Cascone P., Arangio P., Marianetti T. M., Tedaldi M., Ramieri V.

Department of Maxillo Facial Surgery La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy


The following work aims to present a personal surgical technique troughout the review of international literature concerning surgical techniques, objectives and outcomes in early secondary alveloplasty and to propose our personal surgical techniques in alveolar bone defect repair in cleft lip and palate. Throughout a literature analysis it is now stated that early secondary alveoloplasty could restablish the continuity of alveolar bone, prevent upper dental arch collapse after presurgical orthopaedic upper maxilla expansion, it also might give a good bone support for teeth facing the cleft and allow the eruption of permanent elements with the bone graft and rebalance the symmetry of dental arch, improve facial aesthetic, guarantee an adequate amount of bone tissue for a further prosthetic reconstruction with implant and finally close the eventual oro-nasal fistula. The surgical technique we are presenting permitted a total number of 30 early secondary alveoloplasty on which a long-term follow up is still taking place. We can assess that early secondary alveoloplasty must be performed before permanent canine eruption, iliac crest is the best donor site for bone grafting, orthopaedic and orthodontic treatments must be performed in association with surgery and if ther is dental elements absence an implantology treatment must be considered.

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