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Acta Vulnologica 2016 March;14(1):44-9


language: English, Italian

Comparison between HMPA treatment and homologous cadaver skin in chronic ulcerative lesions

Alessandro CRISCI, Eugenio BOCCALONE, Michela CRISCI, Annamaria BOSCO

Dermosurgery and Skin Transplantation Service, Nursing Home “Villa Fiorita” Aversa, Caserta, Italy


In order to reach a better treatment of chronic ulcerative lesions, our group is implementing the use of the latest products, such as HMPA (Hyaff), comparing the simultaneous use of HMPA and homologous cadaver skin in the surgical treatment of chronic skin ulcers. We treated chronic ulcer of the left leg’s front face approximately 13 cm x 8 cm. The considerable size of the lesion was compromising the patient’s daily routine. Two months after the operation, the ulcer was 30.74 cm2 (-65% from the initial value). At the end of the fourth month the wound had completely healed. After two years we analyzed the values of skinmeter obtained in the areas adjacent to the lesion compared with the scar. Transcutaneous Oximetry values were obtained as well. The surgical technique consists in non-viable tissues excisions followed by a coverage with this dermal substitute with consequent tissue graft from cadaver skin (1-3 mm thick). Analysis of the data shows that through the simultaneous treatment of ulcerative lesion with HMPA and homologous cadaver skin, a rapid and complete return to integrum was obtained, reaching a complete cure after four months. Our study group has verified the remarkable utility of using HMPA in improving the healing time of the injury, which in the early stages is more effective than the cute homologous cryopreserved method.

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