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Acta Vulnologica 2016 March;14(1):16-23


language: English, Italian

Application of Ortodermina ointment (lidocaine 5%) when preparing ulcers for ultrasonic debridement

Francesco GIACINTO, Manuela GERMANO, Elisabetta GIACINTO, Domenica CIUFFOLETTI

Ambulatorio Sperimentale di Vulnologia, Casa della Salute di Praia a Mare, ASP Cosenza, Praia a Mare, Cosenza, Italy


BACKGROUND: There are various methods of debridement and that is essential to good preparation stimulation of the ulcer, at intake and at each dressing change, a quantitative and also a qualitative assessment of the pain needs to be performed. We conducted a study on the effectiveness of a local anesthetic, Ortodermina, on the ulcer base before performing mechanical ultrasonic debridement.
METHODS: For this trial, we enrolled 212 patients suffering from various types of ulcer, generally identified as: pressure sores/foot ulcers/leg ulcers/leg-foot ulcers intake and during treatment/dressing change, reported pain averaged approximately 7.2, by applying Ortodermina in the 10 minutes before the use of ultrasonic debridement. Of all the patients, only 15 (7.07%) reported a different pain averaged on the NRS Scale, i.e. 6.5, and needed therefore analgesic drug therapy in different forms of administration; for the remaining 87.16% the average score was 3.1 on the same scale.
RESULTS: After applying the ointment, we were able 1) to optimize treatment times, as debridement of the wound bed did not need to be stopped due to any onset of pain; 2) augment treatment in order to achieve proper wound bed preparation in more patients; 3) and increase compliance on the part of the patient.
CONCLUSIONS: The results show that pain control was optimized by the use of Ortodermina, whose composition per 100 g of ointment contained lidocaine hydrochloride 6.15 g and other excipients, allowing the ultrasonic debridement to become a daily treatment for ulcers.

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