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Acta Vulnologica 2015 December;13(4):193-9


language: English, Italian

Application of a new ointment (Cutifass®) under multilayer compression dressings for the treatment of chronic lower-limb ulceration

Giacinto F., Germano M., Giacinto E., Ciuffoletti D.

Ambulatorio Sperimentale di Vulnologia, Casa della Salute di Praia a Mare, ASP Cosenza, Praia a Mare, Cosenza, Italy


AIM: The aim of this study was to ascertain the effectiveness of medical treatments of ulcerations not healing in eight week time, although the use of medical treatments and standard therapy protocol.
METHODS: The new ointment, Cutifass®, was used under the multilayer bandage. The sample included 133 patients, all afflicted with not healing lower limb ulcers. The ointment used is composed of completely natural products, it has a soothing effect, it is hydro active, it has bacterium and fungicide effect that avoids the risk of infection, and it contains anti-inflammatory components as well. Once the wound has been correctly cleaned, Cutifass® should be applied to the entire wound bed lesion, making the ointment occlusive, and then it should proceed with the bandage. The cream removes the residue at the bottom of the lesion, maintaining a low bacteria charge and decreasing the inflammation.
RESULTS: A percentage of 15.7% of the patients needed to implement the treatment using the zinc oxide ointment on the outlying skin to prevent the maceration of borders, 24% reported a burning sensation during the first minutes after the application, while 52.63% of the sampled patients continued to use Cutifass® under the elastic stockings after the abrasion arose, getting a resolution in one week time.
CONCLUSION: That ointment is a good method for speeding up the healing time of ulcers that do not heal after 8 weeks, bringing the healing time to 4.3 weeks, which is the average resolution time in our ambulatory.

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