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Acta Vulnologica 2013 December;11(4):149-59


language: English, Italian

Aminoacidic gel versus hydrogel: which is the quicker debrider?

Cassino R., Ippolito A. M.

Vulnera, Italian Vulnological Center, Turin, Italy


Aim: The aim of this work was to demonstrate the effectiveness of a dressing composed of a mix of aminoacids and amorphous gel to debride and heal at the same time any kind of chronic skin wound. The target we wanted to achieve was to highlight that there is a new hydrogel which can be effective in debridement and promoting granulation; the main goal is to save time, having success in both actions (debridement and promoting granulation).
Methods: We compared a new hydrogel made of hyaluronic acid and an aminoacidic mixture linked to an amorphous gel; we recruited 40 patients with chronic necrotic wounds of different etiology, divided into two groups: the first was treated with a hydrogel without alginate (group 1) and the second with an aminoacidic gel (group 2). The treatment lasted until a viable granulation tissue was achieved (full debridement). We evaluated debridement time and wound area reduction (using the Visitrak™ system).
Results: Successful debridement was achie-ved in all the wounds we treated; both groups achieved the same result, but there is a statistically significant difference in terms of wound area reduction: in fact, in group 2 (treated with aminoacidic gel) we had a reduction of about 13% compared with 3% in the other group. In some patients of group 2 we highlighted the formation of granulation tissue during the debridement process and this is the reason why the area reduction is more evident in this group of patients. No pain, no allergic reactions.
Conclusion: We can confirm our initial idea: it is possible to obtain a good debridement action and promote granulation at the same time, saving time and costs in managing necrotic chronic skin wounds. There is no difference among hydrogels in terms of debridement time and effectiveness, but if we use an aminoacidic gel we can debride necrotic wounds and “feed” the granulation tissue at the same time, achieving wound area reduction in a shorter time.

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