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Acta Vulnologica 2012 June;10(2):29-40


language: English, Italian

Nutraceutical supplementation in the treatment of pressure ulcers: short-term study

Ruggeri E., Agostini F., Giannantonio M., Fettucciari L., Pannuti F.

Fondazione ANT-Italia Onlus, Bologna, Italy


Aim. The aim of the paper was to verify the short-term effectiveness of nutraceutic supplementation in the treatment of pressure ulcers (PUs) in cancer patients assisted at home by the ANT Foundation.
Methods. Seven patients (4M and 3F) were treated, 2 with double PUs, for a total of 9 PUs. 4 lesions were at stage II, 3 at stage III and 2 at stage IV. A nutraceutic product (W-care) containing specific nutrients for the treatment of PUs was used. Doses: stage II-III, 2 packages/die; stage IV, 3 packages/die. At admission to the study clinical, nutritional and nursing parameters were measured with description and photos of the PUs at T0, T7, T14, T21, T28. Duration of the treatment: 4 weeks.
Results. At T0 the PUs had been under treatment for from 63±72 days (range: 20-240). The nutritional state was normal in 5 patients, all with PUs at stage II and III. The 2 patients with PUs at stage IV presented a slight-moderate state of malnutrition. At T28, the 7 lesions at stage II and III had cured. The 2 PUs at stage IV in the 2 malnourished patients had improved markedly but were not cured.
Conclusion. The cure at T28 of the PUs at stage II and III shows the effectiveness of the nutraceutic product in short-term treatment. The presence of malnutrition in the 2 patients with PUs at stage IV confirms the importance of the nutritional state as a risk factor in patients with pressure ulcers.

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