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Acta Vulnologica 2011 March;9(1):11-20


language: English, Italian

Foam adhesive dressing in the treatment of leg skin ulcers

Bucalossi M. 1, 2, Serantoni S. 1, 3, Gazzabin L. 1, 2, Mosti G. 1, 4, Mariani F. 1, 2

1 The Compression Therapy, Study Group (CTG), 2 Istituto di Chirurgia Generale, Università degli Studi di Siena 3 Centro per la diagnosi e terapia delle ulcere, Casa di Cura “Villa Fiorita”, Prato, Italia 4 Clinica M.B. Barbantini, Lucca, Italia


Aim. The adhesive foam dressing Tegaderm® is indicated in the treatment of leg skin ulcers. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness and tolerability of this dressing in a group of patients with leg ulcers of various aetiology, often recalcitrant to traditional topical treatment.
Methods. This prospective multicentric trial evaluated 73 ulcers of differing aetiology and degree of exudate (61 patients). The first dressings were performed weekly and involved surgical toilet and the laying of Tegaderm® dressing on the lesion.
Results. Sixty-three ulcers healed within nine months from the beginning of therapy, of whom one third within one month, while 10 were still in treatment. Each patient showed good treatment compliance and there were no side effects.
Conclusions. Our study demonstrated that Tegaderm® foam is an optimal dressing for the treatment of all types of leg ulcers, assuring rapid healing of all skin lesions treated and an excellent quality of life for the patient.

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