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Acta Vulnologica 2010 March;8(1):45-51


language: Italian

The nurse education in wound care in emergency room: an improvement plan

Florescu I., Corti D., Ronconi R., Cosci M., Paradiso E., Ranalli C.

Pronto Soccorso Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Careggi, Firenze, Italia


Aim. The information of traumatic wound management in ER gained from an analysis of the Italian and international literature, are not many, however some authors think that the majority of the traditional methods of wound bed preparation is not validated scientifically. The minor wounds are dealt as a secondary problem with a not systematic and insufficient professional approach. In 2008 the nurse staff of ER of our hospital started a follow-up that manages the attendance to the traumatic lesions and the smaller skin burns through fast track. The education plays an important role in the wound management and its complications. The educational participation in the wounds/important smaller skin burns are a lot and demand the active participation of the patient and the members of the family in order to manage it.
Methods. Through a regarding retrospective study on the quality and the amount of the indications given to the resignations from the contained in the ER medical records, the nursing group has elaborated a plan of improvement with the presentation of brochure including the smaller indications for the cure of the wounds and skin burns at domicile, to deliver to the person to the support resignations of the information supplied orally.
Results. The improvement plan is realized with the production of a printable module dedicated to the attendance to the wounded persons with or skin burns to deliver to the user during dismissal from the Ready Aid. The illustrative sheet is an instrument of education of easy uses from applicable the synthetic contents operating and directly, characterized from costs reduced of execution, maintenance and correction, easy to print.
Conclusion. This experimentation is alone the first step and an open door for the future to the discovery of a new nursing professionality. In this plan the informatization has put in evidence the implemented use of the nursing card, already in use, in order to document in adequate way all the necessary information for a corrected smaller management of the wound/skin burn. The production of the informative material to deliver to the user is the fruit of a renewed multiprofessional collaboration.

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