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Acta Vulnologica 2008 September;6(3):157-61


language: Italian

Analysis of scientific and economics aspects of advanced dressings employment in the therapeutic treatment of problem wounds. results of a 12 months clinical trial

Tanasi P., Pagni M. R., Norgini E., De Fina L., Brauzzi M.

UOS di Medicina Subacquea ed Iperbarica Ospedale Misericordia - ASL 9 Grosseto, Italia


Aim. The aim of our study has been the evaluation of the effectiveness of advanced dressings in the topic therapy of problem wounds arose in peripheral arterial or venous insufficiency or both in comparison of the use of traditional dressings.
Methods. During year 2004 our facility has followed a work project whose purpose was to test the effectiveness of advanced dressings (alginate, hydrofibers, hydrocolloids, silver nanocrystals, polyhurethane foams) on vascular ulcers (venous, arterious, mixed, diabetic foot, traumatic and crush injuries) of patients sent to our facility in the period of time between the 1st of January to the 31st of December. We have treated 261 outpatients referred to our facility.
Results. The results observed have been a reduction in the number of dressings and of the total time of therapy needed to reach the complete cure of the ulcer. These results have, obviously, produced an important spare of money and time of work in comparison of the therapeutic schedule which has been followed in the past, using traditional dressings.
Conclusion. We feel able to state that the use of advanced dressings in the therapeutic treatment of vascular ulcers has become a cornerstone in the therapeutic path, because the true effectiveness is no longer questionable. Of great importance is the economic point of view which we are daily obliged to face, which allows us, by mean of the decrease of the expense, to treat a greater number of patients.

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