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Acta Vulnologica 2008 September;6(3):149-55


language: Italian

Infected legs ulcers. Results of a treatment in 257 patients with topic silver-sulphadiazyne plus systemic antibiotic to control mycotic contamination

Tasinato R. 1, Pettenò E. 2, Mercurio D. 3, Fusto P. 4, Godina M. 1

1 Unità Operativa Complessa di Chirurgia Generale Presidio Ospedaliero, Dolo (Venezia), Italia 2 Istituto di Microbiologia e Virologia Università di Padova, Padova, Italia 3 Sezione di Riabilitazione Vascolare Policlinico San Marco, Mestre (Venezia), Italia 4 Diagnostica Vascolare Casa di Cura S. Camillo, Milano, Italia


Aim. The control of the bacterial infection is considered the mainstay therapy for healing of chronic ulcerative skin lesions. In these lesions usually are found mixed infections by saprophytic skin fungi and bacteria.
Methods. We have studied the type and distribution of the mycotic and bacterial growth from a group of 257 adult patients with chronic skin leg ulcer. All the lesions have been studied for both aerobic, anaerobic and mycotic growth. All the patients have been observed until complete healing with riepithelization. All patients were given specific oral antibiotic therapy and local medication at home weekly by a trained nursing team, but a group received local silver sulphadiazine 1% also while controls have not.
Results. The patients treated with associated therapy (silver sulphadiazine 1% plus antibiotic) recovered more quickly than the group treated with antibiotic only, and double therapy shortened healing time by 37.9%. We have also obtained less pain and better riepithelization.
Conclusion. The authors found that in the therapy of the chronic skin ulcers the association of local silver sulphadiazine 1% to antibiotic therapy reduces mycotic infections resulting in an earlier healing of the lesions, a less general discomfort and a faster recover to the normal working activity.

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