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Acta Vulnologica 2008 March;6(1):31-6


language: Italian

The importance of measuring the subbandage pressure and the presentation of a new measuring device

Mosti G. 1, Rossari S. 2

1 Reparto di Angiologia Clinica MD Barbantini, Lucca 2 Centro Interuniversitario di Dermatologia Biologica e Psicosomatica (CIDEBIP) Università di Firenze, Firenze


Aim. Compression therapy by means of bandage is extremely effective for venous ulcers if the bandage is applied correctly. If applied too loosely the bandage will be ineffective, if too tight it will cause pain, could be intolerable and even harmful. Checking the subbandage pressure is therefore extremely useful but the measuring device must be easy to use and the resulting data accurate and reproducible. The aim of this study is to underline the necessity of assessing the subbandage pressure and to present a new measuring device.
Methods. PicoPress® is a new pneumatic measuring device equipped with an ultra flat probe into which 2 cc of air are inserted before each measurement. As the instrument does not require calibration, a series of successive measurements can be carried out even when the probe is positioned under the bandage. Accuracy, linear response at different pressures and reproducibility, have been verified in the laboratory and in vivo.
Results. Both in the laboratory and in vivo, PicoPress® showed accuracy, linearity with the theoretical pressure values applied and high reproducibility. These parameters are already reliable in the devices currently available on the market but even more with PicoPress®. The calculation of the Static Stiffness Index was more accurate too.
Conclusion. Measure of the subbandage pressure is a very important feature, but accurate and reproducible devices are required. PicoPress® seems to have these characteristics.

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