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A Journal on Phlebology

Official Journal of the Italian College of Phlebology
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Frequency: 3 issues

ISSN 1593-232X

Online ISSN 1827-1766



Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1)


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):1-2

The future of the Italian College of Phlebology

Mariani F.


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):3-5

Not all vascular malformations are AV malformations!

Lee B. B., Antignani P. L.


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):7-8

EXPO Milan 2015: life-style or still-life?

Agus G. B.


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):9-18

Epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of chronic leg ulcers: a systematic review

Serra R., Butrico L., Ruggiero M., Rossi A., Buffone G., Fugetto F., De Caridi G., Massara M., Falasconi C., Rizzuto A., Settimio U. F., Perri P., Dardano G., Grande R., De Franciscis S.


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):19-22

Interface pressures and stiffness of a reusable “multilayer” bandage (cotton and long stretch bandages)

Benigni J. P., Filori P., Poyet C., Uhl J. F.


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):23-8

Ten-year clinical and instrumental results of endovenous laser ablation of great saphenous vein

Botta G.


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):29-35

Deep vein thrombosis: complication of chronic lymphedema

Radu D., Cristodor P., Teodorescu M.


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):37-9

In vivo study on the force of pressure exerted by below-knee compression stockings

Bilancini S., Lucchi M., Lucchi G.


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):41-51

Frogs’ lungs and Malpighi’s discovery of pulmonary capillaries

Tonetti L.


Acta Phlebologica 2015 April;16(1):53-4

Interest of CT-venography to investigate complex varicose veins of the small saphenous vein

Uhl J. F.

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