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A Journal on Phlebology

Affiliated societies: Association of Vascular Surgeons, Phlebologists and Angiologists of Ukraine, Bangladesh Vascular Society, Canadian Society of Phlebology, Chilean Phlebology and Lymphology Foundation, College of Surgeons J. Raymond Tournay, Ecuadorean Society of Phlebolymphology and Microcirculation, Egyptian Venous Forum, Georgian Society of Phlebology, Hungarian Venous Forum, Mexican Academy of Phlebology and Lymphology, Panamerican Society of Phlebology and Lymphology, Romanian Society of Phlebology, Venous Association of India
Indexed/Abstracted in: EMBASE, Emerging Sources Citation Index, Scopus

3 issues

pISSN 1593-232X

eISSN 1827-1766

Most read articles over the last three weeks

Acta Phlebologica 2014 December;15(3):149-51
Internal jugular vein aneurysm presenting after emesis episode
De Oliveira Góes Junior A. M.., Monteiro Franco R. S., De Campos Vieira Abib S.

Acta Phlebologica 2006 August;7(2):63-8
Thrombosis of plantar veins: colour duplex diagnosis and patho-physiological hypotheses
Gatti M., Santini M., Marcelli F., Carnemolla A., Pieri A.

Acta Phlebologica 2021 April;22(1):11-9
Modern possibilities of usage of the endovenous welding in the treatment of patients with chronic venous diseases: method basics and applications results
Larysa М. CHERNUKHA, Vladislav S. HORBOVETS *, Мykhailo V. CHEKHLOV, Olena O. DYADYK, Valentin А. KHODOS, Hlib O. MELNYCHUK, Sophia V. HORBOVETS

Acta Phlebologica 2020 December;21(3):36-41
Effect of four-layer dressing on venous ulcer
Satyendra K. TIWARY *, Katyayani K. CHOUBEY, Soumya KHANNA, Puneet KUMAR, Ajay K. KHANNA

Acta Phlebologica 2021 April;22(1):6-8
Hemodynamic interpretation of chronic venous insufficiency of lower extremity based on Guytonian equation: is it valid for the clinical implication?
Byung-Boong LEE *

Acta Phlebologica 2021 April;22(1):1-3
Training path for European phlebologists
Daniela RADU *

Acta Phlebologica 2021 April;22(1):4-5
The interplay of two sources refilling the venous volume ejected from the lower leg
Cestmir RECEK *

Acta Phlebologica 2021 April;22(1):20-3
Endovenous microwave ablation of varicose veins: early Egyptian experience
Ayman M. FAKHRY *, Sohiel A. NAGIB, Armia N. SARGIOUS

Acta Phlebologica 2021 April;22(1):24-33
Assessment of Quality of Life in venous ulcer
Satyendra K. TIWARY *, Manoj KUMAR, Soumya KHANNA, Puneet KUMAR, Ajay K. KHANNA

Acta Phlebologica 2021 April;22(1):9-10
Delirium over Chimborazo
Giovanni B. AGUS *

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