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Surgery of the popliteal artery


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Development of endovascular technology has tremendously improved our capabilities in solving most complex vascular pathologies, and taken significant part in educational curriculum world-wide. Consequently, open vascular techniques are less used even if they continue to be the only solution in particular situations. These techniques are unknown to emerging generations, who are slowly loosing acquired skills. Popliteal artery is one of the human blood vessels that resists to new technologies and innovations due to its particular location, morphology and role in lower limb vascularisation.
This book deals with different diseases of the popliteal artery, describing pathology and pathophisiology of their complications, and different treatment modalities. Throughout the text, reader can gain not only basic knowledge and theoretical facts, but also tips to avoid different traps of the popliteal pit, coming from the huge authors’ experience. With more than 50 schemes and images, and special chapters dedicated to different surgical exposures of the popliteal artery, this book will easily remind experienced surgeons of the gained knowledge, and help trainees to compensate today rare surgical experience.
Popliteal artery aneurysm
Cystic adventitial disease
Entrapment syndrome
Popliteal artery injury
Surgical approach

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