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Best practice in vascular access


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The main topic of “Best Practice in Vascular Access” is Evidence-based and Best practice in Vascular Access Creation and Maintenance. The 20 chapters were written by six nephrologists, ten surgeons and four radiologists.
The first section starts with the history and future aspects of hemodialysis vascular access, vascular access monitoring and current techniques for access imaging. Central venous access options remain an important issue of hemodialysis and, for this reason, the insertion techniques and complication treatment are widely addressed in the second section of this book. The rising elderly and comorbid patient group needs more and more often secondary access procedures, which imply implantation of prosthetic grafts with their additional complications. Influencing the process of stenosis formation and prevention of intimal proliferation is an important research issue and the newest developments are highlighted. Difficult cannulation results in patient discomfort and even access loss. Interventional and surgical techniques to enhance cannulation are suggested solutions to overcome these ever-increasing problems in the dialysis population. Finally, a comprehensive review of the incidence and treatment of vascular access infection and the role of xenografts is the subject of the last section.
History of vascular access
The present and future of vascular access: what we can learn from dopps, guidelines and past successes to improve future outcomes
Current evidence for vascular access monitoring
Imaging techniques of vascular access
Prevention of central venous catheter-related infections in hemodialysis patients
Catheter implantation and related complications
Femoral vein and translumbar inferior vena cava cannulation for dialysis
Radiological intervention for hemodialysis catheter dysfunction
Prosthetic graft design to prevent access stenosis formation
Pharmacological intervention for access stenosis
High pressure or cutting balloon for resistant stenosis
Vascular tissue engineering
Endovascular treatment of arterial inflow obstruction to enhance maturation and cannulation
Enhancement of access cannulation by vein reposition and elevation
Endovascular management of access aneurysms
Surgical management of access aneurysms
Infection of vascular access: etiology, risk factors and intervention
Surgical intervention for vascular access infection
Prosthetic grafts and infection
Biological grafts in infected patients

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