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Controversies and updates in vascular surgery

First edition (2005)
A volume of 346 pages with 132 figures and 46 tables
Cover: paperback
ISBN-13 978-88-7711-488-4
Language: English

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1994-2004 has seen a decade of innovations that have deeply changed our medical practice in vascular surgery. In 2004, two large randomized trials, the EVAR I and Dream trials, were published in the leading peer reviewed journals. The results of both studies demonstrate without any doubt that early mortality is divided threefold in patients who received a stent graft as compared to those treated with the open technique. We also await the results of two more trials, one from France and the other from the USA to confirm or temperate these conclusions. In a few months the long term efficacy of the endovascular technique will be known.
Innovations frequently shake the established principles and clinical evaluations although costly to set up are mandatory to support and change clinical practice. Firms, physicians, health care providers and research institutes have to work together in a fair partnership.
This year, the congress Controversies and Updates in Vascular Surgery focussed on innovations, evaluations and exchanges between experts, firms and all the physicians involved in the field of vascular disease. This book summarizes the event.
Is multi-detector row computed tomography angiography able to replace digital subtraction angiography in the assessment of lower extremity arterial occlusive disease?
EVAR surveillance: is ultrasound imaging alone reliable in routine practice?
Peroperative imaging in Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR)
Radiation protection in the vascular surgery operatin suite
Clinical outcome after minor amputations
Free flap transfer: a useful technique for saving legs in diabetic patients
Techniques and results of balloon angioplasty for below the knee lesions in critical limb ischemia
Femoro-popliteal bypasses above the knee. Selection between venous and prosthethic bypass: does it exist?
Gene therapy for critical limb ischemia: an attractive option but is it effective
Peripheral balloon angioplasty: which balloon for which lesions?
The place of vascular closure devices in endovascular interventional procedures
Selecting patients for EVAR: anatomy is not enough
Who does not qualify for an AAA stent graft?
EVAR: do patiens with small aneurysm have better outcome?
Prospective multicenter trial of the powerlink system for endovascular AAA repair. Two-year results
Are mycotic aneurysms contra-indicated for EVAR?
The EVAR trial participants
Technical issues of endovascular repair of ruptured AAA
What the world-wide experience of EVAR in ruptured AAA teaches us?
Failed EVAR can always be managed endovascularly: a seven year experience
Branched and fenestrated stent-grafts: is the enthusiasm still intact with growing experience?
Pelvic revascularization during aortoiliac surgery with trifurcated graft. An alternative to end-to-side aortic anastomosis
Endovascular repair of thoraco-abdominal aneurysms combined with revascularization of the visceral arteries: avoiding and dealing with problems
Remote endoarterectomy an endovascular alternative to bypass?
Development of a stent graft from drawing: board to clinical practice
Venous stenting: for which patients?
Civilian vascular trauma reviewed in a university hospital
Endovascular treatment of malignant superior vena cava syndrome
Endoscopic fenestration of AAA for hygroma and growing AAA after endovascular repair
Selective ablation of varices under local anaesthesia (SAVLA). Principles and preliminary results
Long-term benefits of continued beta-blocker and statin use after successful major vascular surgery
The new anticoagulants
Education of vascular surgeons to laparoscopic surgery
Why performing mini invasive video-assisted aortic surgery?
Conventional versus video-assisted aortic surgery: a randomized study
Total laparoscopic infrarenal aortic aneurysm repair
AAA: total laparoscopic repair venous EVAR. EVAR is the best choice
Transaxillary first rib resection: seeing what you have never seen
Dorsal sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis: how to avoid complications and side effects
Legal aspects of innovative medical treatment in France
Is it useful to identify the high risk carotid plaque?
Carotid surgery under general anesthesia without a shunt: the german option
Carotid surgery under local anaesthesia: the British option
Carotid stenting is a dangerous and non-proven procedure
Rationale for a randomised trial (surgery versus stenting) in asymptomatic carotid stenosis: ACST-2
Carotid artery revascularization through a radiated field: surgery is the best option
Radiation-induced carotid artery stenoses: angioplasty is preferable
Carotid restenosis after surgery: endovascular treatment or re-do surgery
Significance of Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA) and below the knee disease. Thrombectomy and revascularisation, unique challenger of the SFA
Overview of clinical studies and new SFA stent trials PTA, conventional stenting and drug eluting stents: what have we learned?
Subintimal angioplasty and alternative techniques. Below the knee revascularisation
First experience using the Edwards self expanding LifeStent in the SFA indication
A new concept in carotid artery stenting nexsten
Cutting balloon ­ principles and background of peripheral use
Cryoplasty, an emerging treatment for SFA
Laparoscopic nechanical aorto-iliac anastomosis using clips: experience and results
Laparoscopic approach of the abdominal great vessels to perform endovascular procedures: new concept, technique and future clinical applications
Mechanical device to occlude lumbar arteries during laparoscopic AAA repair
Totally laparoscopic aortic repair: a new device for direct transperitoneal approach
Promoted: a new society for development of laparoscopic vascular instrumentation
Fortron and tributary for EVAR: mid-term follow up data from the initial human study
Endovenous laser: experience from 1000 cases
Latin America experience with ELVeS
International registry: endolaser venous system 980 nm: international registry working group
The Italian endovenous-laser working group: rationale and objectives
Evolution of the endovenous procedures: learning curve and methods
Foam sclerotherapy: indications, results, complications
Endovenous treatment of saphenous vein reflux by radiofrequenct procedure (Closure)
Diode laser/optical fibres: an inseparable pair?
Thermometric / thermometrical investigations / examinations of the perivasive / perivenous temperature during endovenous laser therapy of the varicose veins
Endovenous laser ablation of reticular and superficial veins
Endovenous laser ablation of the small saphenous vein: risk of paresthesia?
Endoluminal venous laser treatment of the Giacomini vein and collateral veins
Endolaser-correction of saphenous reflux in the treatments of flebostatic ulcers of the lower limbs
Clinical development of innovation: the viewpoint of the high authority in health care system

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