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Complications and failures of endovascular surgery

A practical textbook of diagnosis and treatment


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In the last decades, the field of vascular surgery has been revolutionized by the introduction and ever-rising growth of endovascular techniques, mainly owing to their reduced morbidity and mortality rates as compared with conventional open surgical approaches. However, as for the open surgical approach, peri- and post-procedural complications remain just around the corner to restrain the potential benefit of the endovascular treatment for the patients and dampen the mood of vascular specialists. Complications and failures after invasive procedures may still represent one of the most challenging scenarios that physicians will face in their practice. How to prevent, recognize and manage these instances in a prompt and effective manner is an area of never-ending effort for healthcare practitioners. For the above reasons, it is reasonable to say that the “endovascular revolution” has created a new spectrum of complications and failures, and no safety net exists even after minimally invasive endovascular procedures. Despite the abundance of textbooks devoted to endovascular techniques, there is still a paucity of academic resources that specifically address these challenging scenarios. How to address those complications and failures instances is not commonplace even at major scientific meetings and it is not unusual for many operators to share their complications and failures only privately. Furthermore, clinical trials are not ideally suited to answer these many questions, as the incidence and quality of adverse events will continue to change as new treatment modalities come into play. This book, titled “Complications and failures of endovascular surgery. A practical textbook of diagnosis and treatment” addresses the management of a wide range of early complications and late failures resulting from endovascular treatment of vascular pathologies, thereby providing all physicians involved in endovascular interventions with a concise, yet exhaustive, reference that will conveniently help their everyday practice.


Neurological complications after carotid artery stenting

Jos C. van den Berg

Stroke after endovascular aortic repair and complications after chimney procedures

Georgios I. Karaolanis, Mario D’Oria, Konstantinos P. Donas

Complications during the endovascular repair of acute aortic syndromes

Daniele Bissacco, Maurizio Domanin, Chiara Lomazzi, Viviana Grassi, Santi Trimarchi

Sac expansion after EVAR: incidence, causes, prognostic impact, and treatment with open or endovascular techniques

Michele Antonello, Elda Chiara Colacchio

Colonic ischemia and abdominal compartment syndrome after EVAR and F/BEVAR for intact or ruptured aneurysms

Benjamin W. Starnes, Charles Hillenbrand

Spinal cord injury after fenestrated-branched endovascular aortic repair: how to prevent

Emanuel R. Tenorio, Giulianna B. Marcondes, Guilherme B.B. Lima, Gustavo S. Oderich

Target vessel issues during and after fenestrated and branched endovascular aortic repair

David Lindström, Anders Wanhainen, Kevin Mani

Stent graft infections and secondary aorto-enteric fistulas after EVAR

Andrea Misin, Mario D’Oria, Sandro Lepidi, Roberto Luzzati, Stefano Di Bella

Complications and reinterventions of peripheral endovascular intervention (with focus on paclitaxel mortality)

Caroline Caradu, Xavier Bérard, Eric Ducasse

Access site complications after endovascular procedures: diagnosis and management

Lorenzo Gibello, Gianfranco Varetto, Edoardo Frola, Tania Peretti, Ilaria Peluttiero, Fabio Verzini

Endovascular management of hemodialysis access complications

Mirko Menegolo, Edoardo Forcella, Carlo Maturi, Franco Grego

Limb occlusion after EVAR: incidence, causes and treatment

Nicola Rivolta, Marco Franchin, Gaddiel Mozzetta, Filippo Piacentino, Gabriele Piffaretti

Acute kidney injury after endovascular procedures: incidence, predictors, and impact on outcomes: role of CO2 angiography

Andrea Vacirca, Chiara Mascoli, Sergio Palermo, Enrico Gallitto, Rodolfo Pini, Paolo Spath, Antonino Logiacco, Gianluca Faggioli, Mauro Gargiulo

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