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Endovascular treatment of chronic deep venous disease

Principles and practice


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With this book, you are holding in your hands a joint venous experience of over 200 years. Several of the currently leading dedicated venous physicians worked together on this comprehensive yet concise overview of deep venous diagnosis and treatment. Clinical experience, interventional techniques, pitfalls, tips and tricks have been collated to guide you through the continuously growing and rapidly evolving world of deep venous interventions. Modern techniques like magnetic resonance venous imaging and intravascular ultrasound have been scrutinized in a way that will directly support you in your daily practice. Most recent study results have been incorporated and an up-to-date consensus is being shared. Both novice and experienced interventionalists will benefit from reading the different chapters, ranging from how to start a venous practice to how to avoid mistakes and disasters.


Rick de Graaf. Dr. Rick de Graaf studied Medicine at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands. He obtained his PhD at the Department of Surgery and Medical Microbiology of the Maastricht University Medical Centre, The Netherlands. He received his training in Radiology at the Maastricht University Medical Centre and obtained his board license in 2010. After clinical and research fellowships at renowned international institutes (Montefiore Medical Centre, dr. Frank Veith, NYC and Prof. Rene Chapot, Alfred Krupp Clinic, Essen), he focused on the minimal invasive treatment of (neuro-) vascular diseases. In 2010 he started the endovascular treatment of deep venous obstructions at the interventional Radiology department in Maastricht. This has lead to international collaboration with the University Hospital in Aachen and the Angiology department of the Arnsberg Clinic, Germany. His venous dedication is illustrated by the numerous invited lectures and visiting scholarships. With over 80 scientific publications and numerous presentations with strong focus on venous interventions he became a very well respected physician in the community. At the beginning of 2018, Rick de Graaf acquired the position of Chief of Radiology, Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, and is Coordinating Director of Vascular Medicine at the Clinical Centre of Friedrichshafen, Germany.


How to develop a vein center

Laurencia Villalba

Anatomy and pathology - Introduction to anatomy

Manj S. Gohel

Anatomy and pathology - Embryology

Marta Ramirez Ortega

Anatomy and pathology - Venous physiology and function

Marta Ramirez Ortega, Manj S. Gohel

Anatomy and pathology - Pathophysiology of post-thrombotic syndrome

Manj S. Gohel, Marta Ramirez Ortega

Anatomy and pathology - May-Thurner and other compression syndromes

Marta Ramirez Ortega

Anatomy and pathology - Summary/Conclusions

Manj S. Gohel

Clinical evaluation: physical examination and clinical scoring systems

Niels Bækgaard

Imaging - Evaluation of chronic venous obstruction with duplex ultrasound

Rafael D. Malgor, Nicos Labropoulos

Imaging - CT venography

Gerry O’ Sullivan

Imaging - MR venography: protocols, signs, and interpretation

Carsten W.K.P. Arnoldussen

Imaging - Conventional venography

Rick de Graaf

Imaging - IVUS: protocols, signs, and interpretation

Paul J. Gagne

From acute to chronic: when to intervene?

Stephen A. Black, Adam M. Gwozdz

Venous access and recanalization of chronic venous obstructions

Erin H. Murphy, Gregory A. Stanley

Vena cava and confluence stenting

Rick de Graaf

Endovascular recanalization of chronic iliofemoral obstructions with dedicated venous stents

Michael K.W. Lichtenberg

Femoral vein recanalization

Mark J. Garcia

Endophlebectomy and av fistulas

Jorinde van Laanen

Flow evaluation and fistula closure after hybrid venous interventions

Rick de Graaf

Flow stimulating measures and postoperative anticoagulation

Adam M. Gwozdz, Laura G. Tincknell, Stephen A. Black

Common mistakes and how to prevent them

Gerard O’Sullivan

Complications and management

Rick de Graaf

Steps we can take to win the future of deep venous stenting

Akhilesh K. Sista

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