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Heart and aortic team

Modern management in "hybrid room era"


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The pioneering efforts of Dubost, Cooley, DeBakey, Crawford, Parodi, Dake et al. have been characterized by remarkable and sustained progress in surgery of the aorta. The cited Surgeons defi ned the technical excellence needed to reduce operative mortality for our patient. As a consequence of their eff orts, today Surgeons can better assess operative risk and greatly reduce operative morbidity and mortality. The term “Hybrid Room” refers essentially to the co-localization of advanced imaging equipment in an operating room. Because the imaging demands for longer and more complex aortic procedures, fixed imaging suites, traditionally the province of cardiologists and interventional radiologists, have become commonplace within the operative environment. Common referred to as a “Hybrid Room”, this space allows for open surgical procedures and catheter interventions to be satisfactorily performed in the same suite. Moreover, more complex, hybrid procedures with open and endovascular components can be planned and executed seamlessly in this type of settings. An interdisciplinary treatment strategy (AORTIC TEAM) was developed between Vascular Surgeons, Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiologists, Radiologists and Anesthesiologists based on the common interest for a patient tailored treatment, both in acute and chronic setting.


Homemade fenestrated stent graft for complete endovascular of aortic arch lesions

Ludovic Canaud, Lucien Chassin-Trubert, Pierre Alric, Thomas Gandet

Material fatigue in aortic arch

Piergiorgio Cao, Ciro Ferrer

Endovascular aortic arch repair

Jan Stana, Nikolaos Tsilimparis

Endovascular treatment of type B aortic dissection: decision making about sealing of the false lumen and when extend the treatment to the visceral aorta

Daniele Mascia, Andrea Luitz Kahlberg, Victor Bilman, Alessandro Grandi, Germano Melissano, Roberto Chiesa

Hybrid treatment of aortic arch

Paolo Berretta, Emanuele Gatta, Marco Di Eusanio

Open surgical accesses for TAVI procedures

Antonio Giovanni Cammardella, Antonio Lio, Federico Ranocchi, Francesco Musumeci

Uncommon indications for veno-arterial ECMO

Massimo Massetti, Giovanni Alfonso Chiariello

Trauma and emergency: from the emergency room to the hybrid room

Edoardo De Robertis, Andrea Spaccatini

Cerebral and spinal cord protection in the endovascular procedures

Carlo Setacci, Marco Tadiello, Gianmarco de Donato, Giuseppe Galzerano, Domenico Benevento, Giancarlo Palasciano, Matteo Tozzi, Chiara Guttadauro, Francesco Setacci

Radioprotection in hybrid room

Gianbattista Parlani, Francesco Casali, Gioele Simonte, Giacomo Isernia, Enrico Cieri, Massimo Lenti

Acquired blood clotting alterations associated with cardiovascular surgical procedures

Francesco Paciullo, Paolo Gresele

Surgical open treatment of Type B aortic dissection

Enrico Rinaldi, Daniele Mascia, Andrea Kahlberg, Luca Bertoglio, Domenico Baccellieri, Roberto Chiesa

Chimney and periscope technique

Tommaso Dezi, Matteo Orrico, Nicola Mangialardi

Indication and technique of left atrial appendage occlusion

Luigi Zezza, Alberto De Caterina, Sergio Berti

Design, equipment and radioprotection. What we have and what we need

Vincenzo Vento, Cecilia Fenelli, Antonino Logiacco, Enrico Gallitto, Rodolfo Pini, Chiara Mascoli, Gianluca Faggioli, Mauro Gargiulo

Functional mitral regurgitation: open surgery or MitraClip?

Massimo Bo ni, Davide Ricci, Stefano Pidello, Stefano Salizzoni, Simone Frea, Gaetano De Ferrari, Mauro Rinaldi

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