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Lower limb interventions


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The main parts of the book focus on perioperative treatment and imaging, description of the devices and techniques used in peripheral vascular interventions. The essential principles, protocols and invasive techniques used for lower limb interventions have been distilled into a practical manual that is ideal for rapid bedside consultation. The text of the book is oriented for clinical practitioners and we hope it can also serve as a practical guide, particulary for fellows and young interventionalists. The user-friendly outline format features numerous tables, illustrations and annotated references.
Perioperative treatment and optimal medical therapy for lower limb interventions
Perioperative non-invasive assessment of the lower limb before intervention

Physical examination
Ultrasound examination of the lower extremity arteries
Computer tomography and magnetic resonance angiography
Lower limb angiography
Laser Doppler, transcutaneous oximetry and toe pressure measurements
Devices for lower limb interventions
Atherectomy systems
Embolic protection
Vascular closure devices
Access site selection for lower limb interventions
Transbrachial access for lower limb interventions
Femoral artery access and access site selection
Access site selection for lower limb interventions - Transpedal access
Aortoiliac artery intervention
Femoral interventions
Below-the-knee intervention

Anterograde access
The use of retrograde access for below-the-knee interventions
Hybrid vascular surgery
Treatment of acute limb ischemia

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