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Advanced endovascular procedures for complex aortic diseases


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Nowadays, new devices and techniques are constantly being introduced in endovascular surgery, therefore it is crucial to proactively and regularly update our knowledge, so that new approaches may hopefully be developed, which allow the best possible application of the new tools available. This book has been conceived with the aim of uniting all of the most authoritative Italian experts of endovascular surgery and many prestigious international colleagues in the compilation of an updated textbook on complex endovascular aortic procedures, which in some cases have been described and clarified by the very ones who performed them for the first time. This volume is meant for vascular surgeons as s revision of the latest research results, but also for students and residents as a reference work on endovascular surgical procedures - with its schematic explanations, it is an accessible read even to young doctors who are just starting out in this branch of surgery.
Softwares and planning for advanced endovascular aortic procedures
Value of simulation for complex endovascular procedures
Endovascular treatment of ascending aorta

Aneurysms: indications and limitations
Pseudoaneurysms and thrombus
Type A dissection
Alternative access to the ascending and the arch
Endovascular treatment of acute type B dissection
New MR imaging techniques
Treatment options
Planning and materials
Lower limb malperfusion (LLM)
Endovascular treatment of chronic type B dissection
Endovascular treatment
False lumen management
False lumen treatment with fenestrated/branch
Aortic arch aneurysms
Hybrid repair
Fenestrated/branch: feasibility and clinical experience
Bolton medical relay branch stent-graft
The arch endograft
Gore branched graft for the arch
Parallel grafts with polymer sealing technology in juxta-renal AAA

Chimney technique
Descending thoracic aorta
Experience with scalloped thoracic stent grafts
Acute aortic syndrome
Intramural hematoma
Penetrating aortic ulcer
Thoraco-abdominal aneurysms
Fenestrated/branch: clinical experience
Follow-up and reinterventions
Para and juxtarenal aneurysms
Results for standard devices
Branched and fenestrated endografts
Emergency endovascular abdominal aortic procedures
Advanced procedures for redo surgery after EVAR and open surgery

Chimney technique
Fenestrated/branched grafts
Endoanchoring for prevention and treatment of type IA endoleak I
Aortoiliac occlusive disease
Covered endovascular reconstruction of the aortic bifurcation
Kissing stent
Iliac aneurysms
New options for follow-up after EVAR

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