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Essential in advanced and metastatic prostate cancer management


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Advanced and metastatic prostate cancer (PCa) represents a significant health-care issue with a substantial impact on economic resources and patients quality of life. Advanced PCa management also involves several medical specialties including general practioners, urologists, oncologist, radiotheraphist, radiologist, nuclear medicine physician. A muldisci¬plinary approach is particularly required to improve and implement an adequate diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm for these patients. This book contains es¬sential information, presented by a group of experts in this sector, on how to better investigate and manage advanced and metastatic PCa. Standard and new pharmacological therapies are discussed as well as the possible role of surgery or radiotherapy in metastatic pa-tients. A practical pharmacological approach is discussed with a particular interest on castration resistant PCa and hormone naïve metastatic PCa management.


Epidemiology, risk factors and classification of prostate cancer

C. De Nunzio, M. Bellangino, F. Cancrini, A. Cicione, A. Tubaro

Staging modalities in advanced, metastatic or castration resistant prostate cancer

S. Albisinni, R. Muteganya, F. Aoun, T. Roumeguère

Essentials in advanced and metastatic prostate cancer management

U. Anceschi, G. Tuderti, M. Ferriero, A. Brassetti, M. Gallucci, G. Simone

Radiation therapy

M. Valeriani, S. Ramella, L. Marinelli, C. Greco, C. Reverberi, L.E. Trodella, M. Fiore, L. Tronnolone, D. Anzellini, E. Ippolito, V. Confaloni, R.M. D’Angelillo

Hormone therapy

A. Fuschi, Y. Al Salhi, A. Carbone, A.L. Pastore

Mechanism of androgen axis blockade (LHRH agonist vs. antagonist, complications)

M. Gacci, P. Spatafora

Hormone therapy: continuos vs. intermittent androgen deprivation therapy

C. Leonardo, F. Proietti

Beyond androgen deprivation therapy (charteed, stampede and latitude trial)

C. De Nunzio, R. Lombardo, G. Tema, A. Cicione, A. Tubaro

Castration resistant prostate cancer management - Non metastatic

P. Verze, G. Califano, V. Morgera

Castration resistant prostate cancer management - Metastatic

F. Berardinelli, P. Castellan , M. De Tursi, P. Sountoulides, L. Schips, L. Cindolo

Radiometabolic treatment

M. Mascia, M. Álvarez-Maestro, R. Castellucci, C. Villano, J. Gómez Rivas, L. Martinez-Piñeiro, L. Cindolo

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