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Neonatal and pediatric wound care


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It is a great privilege to have been able to devote my time to one mission in life. When this mission concerns children, it is hard not to be overtaken by a rainbow of emotions - especially when we are dealing with the care of their wounds. We often forget that these wounds are not just skin deep, they go to the heart. Helping to treat children, who are often the most fragile beings, has allowed me to see ever deeper into their worlds. I have also been struck by how strong their parents are. This has made me even more aware of the importance of this work. Pediatrie wound care has been my life, but I would not have been able to make a difference without the support of such a splendici team around me, helping to make the unbearable possible and helping to show me there is light.


Fetal skin: wound and research

Walker D. Short, Sundeep G. Keswani

Newborn infant skin: anatomy, physiology and development

Marty O. Visscher, Vivek Narendran

Neonatal wound care

Vita M. Boyar

Technological advances in pediatric wound care

Nikhi P. Singh, Timothy W. King

The principles of wound bed preparation in pediatric wounds

Michael Clark, Trudie Young

Epidemiology of pediatric pressure ulcers

Jan Kottner

Pediatric pressure ulcer prevention: positioning and repositioning

Nick Santamaria, Paulo Alves, Serena Crucianelli, Guido Ciprandi

Pediatric pressure ulcers/ injuries

Ann Marie Nie, Patricia L. Schaffer

Pressure injury risks in pediatric and neonatal intensive care units: prevention and care

Anna-Barbara Schlüer

Stoma care and tracheostomy related pressure injuries

Ferne T. Elsass, Giancarlo Antonielli

Disability and biometry impairments: biomechanical and clinical patterns

Amit Gefen, Guido Ciprandi

Microbiology of pediatric wounds

Anne-Marie Salisbury, Lauren Foulkes, Rui Chen, Marc Mullin, Stephen Law, Steven L. Percival

Surgical Site Infection (SSI) in children

Joyce Barrantes Alfaro, Laura Chaves Fernández

Nutrition and pressure injuries in the pediatric population

Nancy Munoz, Alessandro Raffaele, Emanuele Cereda

Natural wound healing

Serena Crucianelli

Honey and pediatric wound care

Rene Amaya


Paulo Alves, Guido Ciprandi

Advanced dressings in pediatric wound care

Judith J. Stellar, Valentina Vanzi

Negative pressure wound therapy in infants and children

Shannon McCord, Guido Ciprandi, MaryAnne Lewis, Serena Crucianelli

Surgical repair of pressure ulcers in children

Guido Ciprandi, Alessandro Scalise, Giovanni Maria Di Benedetto, Mario Zama

Hyperbaric oxygenation for wound care in a pediatric population

Pasquale Longobardi, Klarida Hoxha

Pediatric Scars

Luc Téot

Pediatric medical device-related pressure injuries

Angela Grigatti, Amit Gefen

Incontinence-associated dermatitis

Joan-Enric Torra-Bou, Gemma Pérez-Acevedo

Pediatric incontinence associated dermatitis (P-IAD) in onco-hematology children

Marjola Gjergji

Pyoderma gangrenosum in children

Giulia Davini, Marco Romanelli

Traumatic and combat-related wounds in pediatrics

Nawras Fahran, Steven Jeffery, Corrado M. Durante

Emergent cardiothoracic wounds in pediatric patients

Sergio Filippelli, Charlie J.C. Beetham

Malignant wounds in neonates, children, and adolescents

Marguerite Nicodeme, Isabelle Fromantin, Valerie Laurence, Etienne Seigneur, Claire Gacogne, Maria Rodriguez-Cortina, Daniel Orbach

Orthopedic wounds: lower extremity trauma

Renato M. Toniolo, Fabio M. Pezzoli

Thermal injuries

Clemens Schiestl, Miliana Vojvodic

Extravasation injuries in infants and young children

Guido Ciprandi, Serena Crucianelli, Eleonora Sasso

Epidermolysis bullosa: new and emerging trends

Stefano Latorre, Marialuisa Corbeddu, Roberta Rotunno

Cutaneous vascular anomalies in children

Teresa Oranges

Necrotizing fasciitis

Magali S. Rüfenacht, Giorgio C. La Scala

Noma: the ulcer of extreme poverty

Lauren E. Miller, David A. Shaye

Taking care of pediatric patients with complex injuries: a patient-centered model

Lucia Celesti, Massimiliano Raponi

The importance of compassionate communication in pediatric practice: lessons from the whole person approach to wound care and management

Ellie Lindsay, Anna Galazka

Hoppes for palliative pediatric wounds

Kevin Woo

Bioethics and the care of children with severe wounds and their families

Luigi Zucaro, Anna Dalle Ore

Telemedicine: basic and advanced

Sergio Pillon

Mechanobiology and cell migration in wound healing

Marina Tulchinsky, Daphne Weihs

Blue light photobiomodulation

Stefano Gasperini

Skin bioengineering

Daniela Marino, Vincent Ronfard

Fish skin grafts for pediatric wound care: a biodegradable dermal substitute

Hilmar Kjartansson, Baldur T. Baldursson, Craig Fraser, Guido Ciprandi

Special focus on innovations in pediatric wound care

Guido Ciprandi

Natural products biochemical and molecular pathways for wound healing

Renato Colognato

The skin care and wound prevention team centered on smallest patients: an essential interdisciplinary model for challenging injuries

Guido Ciprandi, Zena Moore

Appendix 1 from natural lab to clinical applications

Guido Ciprandi

Appendix 2 the clinical evidence of technology lipido-colloid in the management of pediatric wound

Anne Le Touze

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