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The enthesis and the enthesitis

From pathogenesis to treatment


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The enthesis is one of the most complex entities of the joints. It is the structure that comprises soft tissues including ligaments, tendons and joint capsule and the bone, playing a key role in the mechanic of movement and articular function. Enthesopaties are still one of the most challenge for a lot number of specialists including rheumatologist, orthopedic and all specialists dealing with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Injuring of this structure can be caused by trauma or chronic diseases, sustaining inflammation causing pain, disfunction and long-term damage. The complexity of this organ that include several different cells type may explain the challenging in the treatment of enthesopaties. This volume is the first book focused on enthesis and it aims to encompasses all knowledge about enthesis from the anatomy to the imaging techniques of study to the treatment of enthesis diseases to help clinicians into the approach to this complex as much fascinating organ.


Definition and function of the enthesis

Mikhail Protopopov

Pathophysiology of enthesitis

Sofia Pazmino, Diederik De Cock

Enthesitis clinical presentation and differential diagnosis

Mary Lucy Marques, Sofia Ramiro, Alexandre Sepriano

Imaging enthesitis

Giuseppina Abignano, Duygu Temiz Karadag, Giovanni Lettieri, Dennis McGonagle

Imaging enthesitis - Enthesitis - Small atlas

Maria Chiara Ditto, Alberto Batticciotto, Simone Parisi

Enthesitis treatment

Santiago Rodrigues-Manica, Rita Pinheiro Torres, Fernando M. Pimentel-Santos

Future perspectives

Simone Parisi, Maria Chiara Ditto, Enrico Fusaro

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