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Post-stroke spasticity management


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Spasticity is a common condition after stroke that may contribute to limitations in performance of activities and participation. In order to properly manage post-stroke spasticity there is a need for its adequate understanding and updated knowledge. This book gives a wide insight into post-stroke spasticity and aims to provide high-quality comprehensive information about its multidisciplinary management. Organized into ten chapters, this book deals with the pathophysiology, prediction, clinical presentation, assessment and treatment of post-stroke spasticity. As to the therapeutic approach to post-stroke spasticity, pharmacological treatments, nerve procedures, rehabilitation and neuro-orthopedics are discussed. Chapters about the use of ultrasound and the management of pain related to post-stroke spasticity are also included. Considering its international perspective given by the board of authors, this book may represent a valid support for the clinical management of post-stroke spasticity also opening up some points of scientific reflection on this issue.


Pathophysiology of post-stroke spasticity

Sheng Li, Gerard E. Francisco, William Zev Rymer

Prediction of post-stroke spasticity

Jörg Wissel, Songjin Ri, Anatol Kivi

Post-stroke spasticity patterns

Alberto Esquenazi

Assessment of post-stroke spasticity

Rajiv Reebye, Heather Finlayson, Gia Dookie

Pharmacological treatment of post-stroke spasticity

Djamel Bensmail, Jonathan Levy

The use of ultrasound imaging in the management of post-stroke spasticity

Fatih Tok, Murat Kara, Levent Özçakar

Nerve procedures for managing post-stroke spasticity

Thierry Deltombe, Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, Thierry Gustin

Rehabilitation procedures for managing post-stroke spasticity

Alessandro Picelli, Alessio Baricich, Marco Battaglia, Alberto Loro, Mirko Filippetti, Rita Di Censo, Stefania Spina, Andrea Santamato

Management of pain related to post-stroke spasticity

Jorge Jacinto, Sofia Proença, Miguel R. Silva

Neuro-orthopedic management of post-stroke spasticity 1

François Genet, Paul Winston

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