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Personalized approach in the treatment of cholangiocarcinoma


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Our knowledge on the pathogenesis and genetic alterations of cholangiocarcinoma has increased considerably in recent years. This advancement in knowledge has allowed the development of new therapeutic approaches based on the use of target therapies and immunotherapy, thus projecting cholangiocarcinoma into a new era that requires a personalized approach to the diagnosis and therapy of this aggressive disease. In this respect, this timely volume summarisez the current state-of-the-art in the diagnosis, molecular profiling and therapy of cholangiocarcinoma. Experts from different disciplines have described the various phases of the radiological and histological diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma, the genomic profiling necessary for the identification of actionable alterations as well as the different therapeutic options, from chemotherapy to target therapy and immunotherapy. This volume will therefore be extremely useful both for those approaching the management of this neoplasm for the first time and for oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and molecular biologists who feel the need for updating on this specific disease.


Cholangiocarcinoma: classification and histopathology

Luigi M. Terracciano, Caner Ercan, Luigi Tornillo

Molecular biology of cholangiocarcinoma

Vincenza Caridi, Nicola Normanno

Personalized approach in the treatment of cholangiocarcinoma: chemotherapy

Angela Damato, Giulia Alberti

Targeted therapies

Antonella Cammarota, Valentina Zanuso, Lorenza Rimassa


Paolo Antonio Ascierto, Francesca Sparano


Rita Golfieri, Daniele Spinelli, Anna Pecorelli, Irene Pettinari, Nicolò Brandi, Matteo Renzulli

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