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Compression therapy


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Compression therapy (CT) is one of the most effective therapeutic procedures in chronic venous and lymphatic disease. As every chapter of this book will show, CT is indicated in all different clinical scenarios of venous and lymphatic disease. It will also be clear that CT contraindications are, at the present time, very few as many clinical situations considered as contraindications in the past (coexisting arterial involvement, heart failure, cellulitis) are now considered good indications for compression.


Materials for compression therapy

Hugo Partsch, Giovanni Mosti

Textile fibers and elastic fabrics

Marcello Izzo, Vincenzo Coscia, Gina Campana

Classification of compression materials

Göran L. van Rooijen, H.A. Martino Neumann

The principles of compression therapy

Giovanni Mosti

Compression therapy and the autonomic nervous system

Attilio Cavezzi, Roberto Colucci, Nicola Barsotti, Giuseppe Di Ionna, Martina Piergentili

Compliance to compression

Nele Devoogdt, An-Kathleen Heroes

Assessment of patient compliance to compression therapy

Jean-François Uhl, Jean-Patrick Benigni

Importance of compression pressure measurement

Yung-Wei Chi, Yue-Hong Zheng, Ruya Li

Measurable effects of compression therapy

Mieke Flour

Indications for compression according to venous disease

Eberhard Rabe, Felizitas Pannier, Dragan J. Milic, Eduardo S. Da Matta, Rachel Schreurs, Arina ten Cate-Hoek

Compression after vein procedures

Fedor Lurie, John Fish

Compression in thromboprophylaxis

Bulent Kantarcioglu, Joseph A. Caprini

Compression in lymphedema

Franz-Josef Schingale

Compression in lipedema

Gyõzõ Szolnoky, Isabel Forner-Cordero

New indications

Stephan W. Eder, Valentina Dini, Oscar Maleti, Marzia Lugli

Changes in the use of lower extremity compression in persons with diabetes

Ryan T. Crews, Stephen K. Polacek, Stephanie C. Wu

Compression and heart failure

Tobias Hirsch

Compression by water

Alberto Caggiati, Giovanni Mosti

Tension Free Compression

Chris R. Lattimer, Alfred Obermayer

Medical compression and sport

Jean-Patrick Benigni, Jean-Francois Uhl

Intermittent pneumatic compression and electrical muscle stimulation

Stavros K. Kakkos, Andrew N. Nicolaides

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