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Lymphoedema and lipoedema

Know them - Recognise them - Treat them


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In the Italian scientific bibliographic panorama very few works have been published on lymphology, in particular lymphedema and lipedema. The present volume is the first also dedicated to patients with lymphedema and lipedema, pathologies still frequently confused medically. The text aims to offer patients and health professionals involved in the treatment of these conditions a simple and at the same time comprehensive tool to illustrate the deep origins of the two conditions, their diagnosis and differential diagnosis, the therapeutic possibilities and prognosis.


Domenico Corda Born in Dorgali but a Pavian by adoption, he lives and works in Pavia where ha graduated with honors in Medicine and Surgery. A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and in Medical Hydrology, he is head of Polimedica Lanfranco, the clinic dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of phlebo-lipo-lymphostatic diseases. For some twenty years he has been offering his patients a personalized decongestive treatment, accompanying them throughout the entire rehabilitation process, from diagnosis to therapy.



Definitions in medicine

Lymphoedema and lipoedema: a short general overview

Fluid Connective Tissues

The cardio-circulatory system

The blood

Lymph and the processes of nutritional exchange

The extra cellular matrix

Tegumental apparatus, skin and subcutis

The lymphatic system. Structure and topographical anatomy

The lymphatic system. Physiology and pathophysiology: Lymphatic insufficiency



Primary or congenital lymphoedema

Lymphoedema: clinical diagnosis, instrumental diagnosis, differential diagnosis

Lymphoedema. Complex decongestion physiotherapy (CDP) and individual rehabilitation plan (IRP) EBM

Lymphoedema and CDP, practical aspects

Lymphoedema. Caring for the matrix: Functional Medicine and Phytotherapy

Lymphoedema. The therapeutic elastic compression garment 123

Lymphoedema. Nutrition, Microbiota and behavioural and hygienic suggestions

Lymphoedema. Lymphangitis, erisipelas, cellulitis and cutaneous lesions: therapy and prophylaxis in case of relapse

Lymphoedema. Other therapies

Lymphoedema. Lymphedema and guidelines: the role of CDP and Surgery

Lipoedema. Definition, etiopathogenesis, pathophysiology and pathological anatomy

Lipoedema. Clinical presentation, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, instrumental examinations

Lipoedema. Treatment guidelines

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