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Blood purification in critically ill patients


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The challenges of critical care medicine are facing a new era as the interplay between primary disorder, inflammation and collateral damege has been unrevealed after the COVID-19 pandemic. In this perspective, a comprehensive approach by key opinion leaders in the field of blood purification is a great opportunity to booster the application of novel therapiesm which might further improve patients’ outcome. All fields of application are covered with detailed information and best practices report. The reader will certainly find scenarios of daily practice for constructive rethinking.


Vasoplegia in cardiac surgery: a new therapeutic role for hemoadsorption using CytoSorb?

Kabeer Umakumar, Louise Moss, Eric E.C. de Waal, Nandor Marczin

Blood purification therapy in patients treated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Federico Pappalardo, Andrea Montisci

Cardiac surgery: cardiopulmonary bypass cardiac arrest

Maximilian Kreibich, Daniel Duerschmied, Georg Trummer

Cardiac surgery: cardiopulmonary bypass: endocarditis

Thomas Datzmann, Karl Träger

Blood purification in sepsis: clinical evidence

Fatime Hawchar, Zsolt Molnar

Blood purification in critically ill patients: liver failure

Antonella Marino, Ivano Riva


Filippo Aucella, Angela Maria Pellegrino, Blanca Martinez Lopez de Arroyabe

Ex vivo perfusion

Massimo Boffini, Erika Simonato, Matteo Marro, Fabrizio Scalini, Vito Fanelli, Andrea Costamagna, Paolo Solidoro, Paolo Olivo Lausi, Cristina Barbero, Luca Brazzi, Carlo Albera, Mauro Rinaldi

Adsorption of drugs and toxins by CytoSorb®: rationale and evidence

Hannah C. Daum, L. Christian Napp

Blood purification in pediatrics: rationale and clinical evidence

Gabriella Bottari

Acute kidney injury: continuous renal replacement therapy and CytoSorb®

Matteo Floris, Nicola Lepori, Antonello Pani

Blood purification techniques to control inflammation in acute myocardial infarction

Federico Pappalardo, Lorenzo Rampa, Andrea Montisci

CytoSorb treatment and drugs kinetics in critically ill patients

Anna Mara Scandroglio, Marina Pieri, Maria Grazia Calabrò, Federico Pappalardo

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