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Perioperative management of the obese surgical patient

Ten key points for a successful approach

Brodsky J.B., Busetto L., De Baerdemaeker L., De Jong A., Eikermann M., Ingrande J., Jaber S., Joshi G.P., Lemmens H.J.M., Margarson M.

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The incidence and prevalence of obesity are increasing globally. Obesity has major importance because of its association with increased morbidity and mortality. Physicians will no doubt attend to an increasing number of obese surgical patients in their clinical practices. Anesthesiologists are the key figures in the process and should be prepared to provide optimal management to minimize the risk of perioperative complications. This book presents a comprehensive preoperative evaluation and preparation, focusing on identi¬fying and treating obesity-related, particularly obstructive sleep apnea, and non obesity-related conditions that may affect the perioperative care of obese patients. A skilled team, an adequate equipment and monitoring, proper patient positioning, the right approach to the airways, an appropriate dosage of drugs, an optimal perioperative fluid replacement, a careful anesthetic and neuromuscular block management, a proper analgesic approach for perioperative pain control, an adequate perioperative protective lung ventilation, are all addressed because they are clearly involved in improving the postoperative course of obese surgical patients. This book identifies also the most appropriate ways for the postoperative care of obese patients. This book provides a useful tool for anesthesiologists and any other healthcare support staff seeking to improve their knowledge and to help formulate a perioperative management plan that enhances patient outcomes.


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