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Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1)


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):1-7

Ultrasonic ­image anal­y­sis of ­the arte­ri­al ­wall in ath­ero­scler­o­sis

Coend L. D., Ramaswami G., Chan Ma P., Belcaro G., Nicolaides A. N.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):8-12

Health-relat­ed phys­i­cal func­tion ­and qual­ity of ­well-­being ­prior to ­and fol­low­ing car­di­om­yo­plas­ty. A preliminary report

Sevick M. A., Magovern J.*, Kamlet M. S.**, Rawson I.*, McCall M., Locke C.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):13-7

GH ­response to ­GHRH com­bined ­with pyri­dos­tig­mine or argi­nine in dif­fer­ent con­di­tions of ­low somat­o­trope secre­tion in adult­hood: obesity ­and Cushing’s syn­drome in com­par­i­son ­with hypo­pi­tui­tar­ism

Procopio M., Maccario M., Savio P., Valetto M. R., Aimaretti G., Grottoli S., Oleandri S. E., Baffoni C., Tassone F., Arvat E., Camanni F., Ghigo E.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):18-21

Effects of hor­mone replace­ment ther­a­py on glu­cose metab­olism

Colacurci N., Zarcone R., Mollo A., Russo G., Passaro M., De Seta L., De Franciscis P.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):22-7

Many fac­tors can ­affect the prev­a­lence of hyper­ten­sion in obese ­patients: role of ­cuff ­size and ­type of obes­ity

Guagnano M. T., Pace Palitti V., Murri R., Marchione L., Merlitti D., Sensi S.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):28-32

Persistently ­low car­diac out­put pre­dicts ­high mor­tal­ity in new­borns ­with car­di­o­gen­ic ­shock

Sabatino G., Ramenghi L. A., Verrotti A.*, Gerboni S., Chiarelli F.*


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):33-40

Unilateral arte­ri­al recon­struc­tion for aor­toi­liac occlu­sive dis­ease

Yasuhara H., Shigematsu H., Muto T.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):41-4

Preoperative ­GnRH ana­logue in hys­ter­os­cop­ic met­ro­plas­ty

Colacurci N., De Franciscis P., Mollo A., Mele D., Fortunato N., Zarcone R.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):45-7

Tubal patency after laparoscopic treatment of ectopic pregnancy

Colacurci N., Zarcone R., De Franciscis P., Mele D., Mollo A.*, De Placido G.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):48-50

Manual lym­phat­ic drain­age for chron­ic post-mas­tec­to­my lym­phoe­de­ma treat­ment

Fiaschi E., Francesconi G., Fiumelli S., Nicolini A.*, Camici M.**


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):51-4

Nitric oxide plas­ma lev­els in ­patients with chron­ic and acute cereb­ro­vas­cu­lar dis­or­ders

Ferlito S., Gallina M., Pitari G. M.*, Bianchi A.*


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):55-7

The ­increased fre­quen­cy of hyper­cho­les­ter­o­le­mia in Southern Italy is ­induced only by chang­ing diet qual­ity?

Capuano V., Lamaida N., Fattore L., D'Antonio V., Scotto Di Quacquaro G.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):58-62

Physiopathology of the renin-angio­ten­sin ­system in the ovary

De Nuccio I., Salvati G., Genovesi G., Paolini P., Marcellini L., Schiavello V., Re M.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):63-5

Continuous hemo­di­a­fil­tra­tion dur­ing aor­tic ­arch aneu­rysm ­repair in chron­ic ­renal fail­ure ­patient

Sugawara Y., Sato O., Miy­a­ta T., Kimu­ra H., Yasu­na­ga H., Suzu­ki S.*, Makuu­chi M.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):66-8

Acute myositis following autologus bone marrow transplantation (BMT)

Miniero R., Soldano S., Vassallo E., Busca A., Gruppi E., Colombini A.*, Barzaghi A.*, Uderzo C.*


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):69-71

Undefined CD4 lym­pho­cy­to­pe­nia with­out clin­i­cal com­pli­ca­tions. A ­report of ­two cas­es

Cas­cio G., Mas­so­brio A. M., Cas­cio B., Ana­nia A.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):72-4

Imported tropical diseases in subjects with HIV infection

Manfredi R., Mastroianni A., Coronado O. V., Chiodo F.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):75-81

Treatment with col­chi­cine and sur­vi­val of ­patients with ascit­ic cir­rho­sis: a dou­ble-blind ran­dom­ized trial

Adhami J. E., Basho J.


Panminerva Medica 1998 March;40(1):82

Immunolocalization of fibro­nec­tin in recur­rent min­i­mal ­change glom­e­ru­lo­neph­ritis kid­ney biop­sy sec­tions of ­two ­acute reject­ed ­renal trans­plant recip­ients

Mukhtar A. H.

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