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Panminerva Medica 1999 September;41(3):239-42

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Nitrite plas­ma lev­els in nor­mol­i­pem­ic and hyper­chol­es­ter­o­lem­ic arte­ri­o­path­ics after vasoac­tive and lip­id-low­er­ing treat­ment

Ferlito S., Gallina M., Catassi S.*, Bisicchia A.*, Di Salvo M.*

Chair of Semeio­lo­gy and Med­i­cal Meth­o­dol­o­gy Uni­ver­sity of Cata­nia, Gar­i­bal­di Hos­pi­tal, Cata­nia
* Depart­ment of Angi­ol­o­gy, Fer­ra­rot­to Hos­pi­tal, Cata­nia, Ita­ly


Back­ground. The ­authors stud­ied the plas­mat­ic lev­els of ­nitrites, ­stable end-prod­ucts of ­nitric ­oxide in arte­ri­o­path­ic ­patients ­before and ­after vasoac­tive and lip­id-low­er­ing treat­ment.
Meth­ods. The ­series con­sist­ed of 63 sub­jects (­mean age 64±9) suf­fer­ing ­from periph­er­al arte­ri­al occlu­sive dis­ease; 21 sub­jects ­with ­total cho­les­te­rol (TC) low­er ­than 200 mg/dl ­were con­sid­ered as nor­mol­i­pem­ic (­group A); 24 sub­jects ­with TC rang­ing ­between 200 and 240 mg/dl ­were con­sid­ered as ­mild hyper­chol­es­ter­o­lem­ic (­group B); 18 sub­jects ­with TC high­er ­than 240 mg/dl ­were con­sid­er as ­severe hyper­chol­es­ter­o­lem­ic (­group C). All the ­patients ­were exam­ined ­before and ­after 15 and 30 ­days of a vasoac­tive treat­ment (cal­cip­a­rine, aspi­rin, buflom­e­dil and pen­tox­i­phyl­line); ­group B ­after vasoac­tive and ­diet (­NCEP ­phase 1) treat­ment and ­group C ­after vasoac­tive, ­diet and ­drug (sim­vas­ta­tin) treat­ment. ­Nitrite plas­ma lev­els ­were deter­mined by the Gut­man and Hol­ly­wood color­imet­ric meth­od.
­Results. In ­group A the ­basal val­ue of ­nitrites was sharp­ly (p<0.05) low­er ­than con­trols; ­after vasoac­tive treat­ment a sig­nif­i­cant ­increase (p<0.05), was ­observed ­after 15 and 30 ­days; in ­group B the ­basal val­ue was high­er ­than con­trols; ­after 15 ­days a sig­nif­i­cant ­increase (p<0.5) was not­ed, but a regres­sion was ­found ­after 30 ­days. ­Also in ­group C the ­basal val­ue of ­nitrites was high­er (p<0.05) ­than con­trols; ­after treat­ment sig­nif­i­cant chang­es ­were not ­found.
Con­clu­sions. The ­increase of ­nitrites in ­group A may be due to an ­improved endo­the­lial func­tion; ­this phe­nom­e­non, ­less appre­ciable in ­group B and no long­er evi­dent in ­group C may ­depend on the lip­id-low­er­ing treat­ment.

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