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Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2001 June;45(2):70-4

lingua: Inglese

Hyperprolactinaemia and pro­lac­tine bind­ing in ­benign intra­cra­ni­al ­tumours

Ciccarelli E. 1, Razzore P. 1, Gaia D. 1, Todaro C. 2, Longo A. 2, Forni M. 3, Ghè C. 4, Camanni F. 1, Muccioli G. 4, FAccani G. 2, Lanotte M. M. 2

1 Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, University of Turin, Turin;
2 Division of Neurosurgery, CTO Hospital, Turin;
3 Division of Pathological Anatomy, Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital, Turin;
4 Department of Anatomy, Pharmacology and Forensic Medicine, Univer­sity of Turin, Turin, Italy


Background. Meningiomas ­have ­been ­found to ­have recep­tors for sev­er­al hor­mones, ­such as oes­tro­gen, pro­ges­te­rone, som­a­tos­ta­tin, dop­a­mine and recent­ly ­also for pro­lac­tin.
Methods. To inves­ti­gate any pos­sible ­role of pro­lac­tin in the ­growth of ­those ­tumours we detect­ed the pres­ence of pro­lac­tin-recep­tors (PRL-R) in 22 menin­gio­mas and we cor­re­lat­ed ­these ­data ­with PRL ser­um lev­els in ­patients ­before sur­gery. We ­also stud­ied 13 ­patients ­with schwan­no­mas and 7 ­with oth­er cere­bral ­tumours (4 gli­o­blas­to­mas, 2 epen­dy­mo­mas and 1 astro­cy­to­ma).
Results. Increased pro­lac­tin bind­ing was ­present in 10 (45.4%) menin­gio­mas, 9 (69.2%) schwan­no­mas and in the ­patient ­with astro­cy­to­ma. The pres­ence of ­high PRL lev­els was ­present in 6 (27.2%) ­patients ­with menin­gio­mas, 8 (61.5%) ­with schwan­no­mas and in 3 (42.8%) ­with oth­er ­tumours. No ­direct cor­re­la­tion was ­present ­between ser­um PRL lev­els and PRL bind­ing in all ­groups.
Conclusions. In con­clu­sion we con­firmed the pres­ence of PRL recep­tors in ­patients ­with menin­gio­mas and we ­have ­also ­shown the pres­ence of PRL recep­tors ­also in schwan­no­mas. Moreover ­increased ser­um PRL ­were ­shown in ­some ­patients ­with dif­fer­ent ­tumours of ner­vous tis­sue ­before sur­gery. Our ­data ­could sug­gest ­that PRL ­might ­have a ­role in the ­growth of menin­gio­mas and schwan­no­mas.

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