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Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 1999 March;43(1):15-24

lingua: Inglese

Minor ­head inju­ry at paed­i­at­ric ­age in Argentina

Murgio A. 1, Fernandez Milà J. 2, Manolio A. 3, Maurel D. 4, Ubeda C. 4

1 Accidentology Committee, Argentinian Society of Paediatrics;
2 Children’s Hospital, Mar ­del Plata ­City;
3 Children’s Clinic, Mar ­del Plata ­City;
4 Epidemiology National Institute, Argentina


Background. To eval­u­ate epi­dem­i­olog­ic fac­tors in rela­tion to paed­i­at­ric ­head inju­ry in ­the ­city of Mar ­del Plata, Argentina.
Methods. Retrospective (12-­month) ­and pros­pec­tive (6-­month) eval­u­a­tions ­were car­ried ­out on a ­total of 2,492 chil­dren ­with ­head inju­ry (­age ­range 0-15 ­years), tak­ing ­into ­account ­sex, ­age, ­cause of inju­ry, ­time of inju­ry, inci­dence of hos­pi­tal­isa­tion, ­and ­the occur­rence of frac­tures on con­ven­tion­al X-­ray ­and com­pu­tar­ized tomog­ra­phy (CT) ­scans of ­the ­head. Data ­were com­piled ­and ana­lyzed ­through a reg­is­ter ­called “Traumatic Brain Injury Register”.
Results. From ­the ­total 2,492 chil­dren ­entered in ­the reg­is­try, 62% ­were ­males ­and 38% ­females. Age dis­tri­bu­tion ­was as fol­lows: 33.5% ­from 0-2 ­years, 43.8% ­from 3-9 ­years, ­and 22.7% ­from 10-15 ­years. Falls ­were ­the ­main ­cause of ­head inju­ry in chil­dren ­under 3 ­years of ­age, where­as ­car acci­dents pre­vailed ­among old­er ­groups (χ2= 216.00, p<0.0001). Injuries ­occurred ­most fre­quent­ly (84.7% of ­the cas­es) ­between 12:00 ­hrs ­and 24:00 ­hrs. From ­the ­total sam­ple, 1,015 chil­dren (19.9%) ­required hos­pi­tal­isa­tion. Skull frac­tures ­were iden­ti­fied on con­ven­tion­al X-­rays in 14.9% of ­the cas­es, ­and ­there ­was a ­direct rela­tion­ship ­between ­skull X-­rays ­and CT ­scans ­with ­respect to ­skull frac­tures (χ2= 13.13, p<0.0001). The over­all inci­dence of paed­i­at­ric ­head inju­ries ­was 566 cas­es ­per 100,000 pop­u­la­tion ­and mor­tal­ity ­rate ­was 4.65 ­per 1,000 ­head inju­ries.
Conclusions. Our fig­ures ­revealed an over­all inci­dence of paed­i­at­ric ­head inju­ries, ­which is 2.97 high­er ­than ­the inter­na­tion­al aver­age, sug­gest­ing ­that acci­dent pre­ven­tion meas­ures ­should be fur­ther imple­ment­ed.

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