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Rivista di Traumatologia Maxillofacciale

Official Journal of the International Society of Maxillofacial Trauma

Periodicità: Quadrimestrale

ISSN 2279-9125

Online ISSN 2239-6217


Gli articoli più letti nelle ultime tre settimane

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2014 December;3(3):39-44
A study of maxillofacial injuries associated with head injury and concomitant injuries
Chowdhury S., Navaneetham A., Singh M., Giri K. Y., Agarwal I.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2012 April;1(1):30-5
Bilateral condylar intrusion into the middle cranial fossa: case report and review of the literature
Kaltman J. M., Best S. P., Movahed R., Borges O., Kaltman S. I.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2014 December;3(3):53-9
Study of mental nerve injury in cases of fractured mandible
Basra B. K., Goyal R., Sachde J. P., Amin H., Prajapati C., Agrawal A., Suri M. P., Shaikh M. F.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2014 April;3(1):1-8
Use of hybrid MMF in oral and maxillofacial surgery: a retrospective review
Nizam S. A., Ziccardi V. B.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2014 December;3(3):45-51
Management of mandibular angle fractures with a single miniplate. Transbuccal combined with Intraoral vs. Intraoral alone: a comparative prospective study
Gehlot N., JK D. R., Arya V., Sharma S., Mehta S.

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