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International Angiology 1999 December;18(4)


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):251-5

Percutaneous trans­lu­mi­nal angio­plas­ty with or with­out stent­ing for femor­o­pop­li­teal occlu­sions? A ran­dom­ized con­trolled study

Zdanowski Z., Albrechtsson U., Lundin A., Jonung T., Ribbe E., Thörne J., Nor­gren L.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):256-62

Haemostatic derange­ment in ­advanced periph­er­al occlu­sive arte­ri­al dis­ease

Koksch M., Zeiger F., Wittig K., Pfeiffer D., Ruehlmann C.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):263-70

Intravascular ultra­sound obser­va­tions dur­ing iliac stent deploy­ment

Kuribayashi S., Takamiya M., Homma S. *


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):271-6

Evaluation of blood flow veloc­ity chang­es in mid­dle cere­bral ­artery from con­tra­lat­er­al trans­or­bi­tal ­approach as the alter­na­tive meth­od of mon­i­tor­ing dur­ing carot­id sur­gery in ­patients with no tem­po­ral acous­tic “win­dow”

Staszkiewicz W., Antepowicz W., Madycki G., Dabek P., Gabrusiewicz A.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):277-86

Postcarot­id endar­te­rec­to­my symp­toms. Pre- and post­op­er­a­tive clin­i­cal and MRI find­ings

Dimakos P. B., Tsiligiris V., Gouliamos A. *, Kotsis T. E., Katsaros G. **


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):287-93

Comparison of near-­infrared spec­tros­co­py with air ple­thys­mog­ra­phy in detec­tion of deep vein throm­bo­sis

Hosoi Y., Yasuhara H., Miyata T., Komiyama T., Onozuka A., Shigematsu H.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):294-8

Postmastectomy lym­phoe­de­ma. Treatment and a five-year fol­low-up study

Berlin E., Gjöres J. E., Ivarsson C., Palmqvist I., Thagg G., Thulesius O.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):299-305

The Friday after­noon pul­mo­nary angio­gram: Temporal rela­tion­ship ­between onset of symp­toms and ­requests for angio­gra­phy

Athanasoulis C. A., Athanasoulis M. A. *


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):306-12

Effect of Ruscus ­extract and hes­per­i­din meth­yl­chal­cone on hypox­ia-­induced acti­va­tion of endo­the­lial cells

Bouaziz N., Michiels C., Janssens D., Berna N., Eliaers F., Panconi E. *, Remacle J. *


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):313-9

The ­effect of four-year hypo­lip­i­daem­ic treat­ment on the inti­mal thick­ness of the com­mon carot­id ­artery in ­patients with famil­iar hyper­lip­i­dae­mia

Spacil J., Ceska R., Petrasek J., Sobra J. †


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):320-6

Sodium/hydro­gen ion exchange inhib­i­tor ame­li­o­rates ischae­mia-reper­fu­sion inju­ries in the rat hind limb

Hamada Y., Ishikawa S., Kanda T., Imai S., Nagai R., Matsui K., Ohashi N., Morishita Y.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):327-30

Ther­a­peu­tic effi­ca­cy of flav­o­noids in oede­ma fol­low­ing reper­fu­sion on acute­ly ischaem­ic legs

Filis K. A., Georgo­pou­los S. E., Papas S. C., Vot­teas V., Bas­tou­nis E. A.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):331-4

Effect of gly­cat­ed low den­sity lip­o­pro­tein on ­smooth mus­cle cell pro­life­ra­tion

Makita T., Tanaka A., Numano F.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):335-6

Iloprost in the man­age­ment of leg ulcer in poly­ar­ter­itis nodo­sa. A case ­report

Biancari F., Kantonen I., Peltomaa R. *, Lepantalo M.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):337-42

An open-label, ran­dom­ised mul­ti­cen­tre study com­par­ing the effi­ca­cy and safe­ty of cyclo 3® fort ver­sus hydrox­ye­thyl ruto­side in chron­ic ­venous lym­phat­ic insuf­fi­cien­cy

Beltramino R., Penenory A. *, Buceta A. M. **


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):343-7

Surgical man­age­ment of ascend­ing saph­e­nous throm­boph­le­bitis

Murgia A. P., Cisno C., Pansini G. C., Manfredini R., Liboni A., Zamboni P.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):348-9

Mechanism under­ly­ing ­increased plate­let reac­tiv­ity in ­patients with periph­er­al arte­ri­al dis­ease

Jagroop I. A., Milionis H. J., Mikhailidis D. P.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):350-1

Mechanisms under­ly­ing ­increased plate­let reac­tiv­ity in ­patients with periph­er­al arte­ri­al dis­ease

Reininger C. B., Boeger C. A., Steckmeier B., Spannagl M., Schewiberer L.

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