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International Angiology 1999 June;18(2)


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):83-102

Chron­ic ­venous dis­or­ders of the leg: epi­dem­i­ol­o­gy, out­comes, diag­no­sis and man­age­ment Sum­mary of an evi­dence-based ­report of the ­VEINES* task force

Kurz X., Kahn S. R., Abenhaim L., Clement D., Norgren L., Baccaglini U., Berardi A., Cooke J. P., Cornu-Thenard A., Depairon M., Dormandy J. A., Durand-Zaleski I., Fowkes G. R., Lamping D. L., Paartsch H., Scurr J. H., Zuccarelli F.


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):103-12

Why is train­ing effec­tive in the treat­ment of ­patients with inter­mit­tent claud­i­ca­tion?

Remijnse-Tamerius H. C. M., Duprez D. *, De Buyzere M. *, Oeseburg B., Clement D. L. *


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):113-21

Three-dimen­sion­al CT angio­graph­ic assess­ment of vas­cu­lar dis­eases using var­i­ous post­proc­ess­ing tech­niques: the voxel trans­mis­sion and cruis­ing eye view meth­ods
and their respec­tive mer­its

Hayashi H., Kobayashi H., Takagi R., Kawamata H., Ichikawa T., Kumazaki T.


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):122-6

Com­par­i­son of 3,000 IU aXa of the low molec­u­lar ­weight hep­ar­in Cer­top­ar­in with 5,000 IU aXa in pre­ven­tion of deep vein throm­bo­sis after total hip replace­ment
Ger­man Throm­bo­sis Study Group

Adolf J., Frits­che H. M. *, Haas S. **, Hen­nig F. ***, Hor­bach T. ***, Kastl S. ***, Kop­pen­hag­en K. °, Michae­lis H. C. °°, Rha­man­za­deh R. °°°, Summa W. ***, Wag­ner W. ˆ,
Weber U. ˆˆ, Wolf H. °°


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):127-30

A sim­ple test to mon­i­tor oxi­da­tive ­stress

Cesarone M. R., Belcaro G., Carratelli M., Cornelli U. *, De Sanctis M. T., Incandela L., Barsotti A., Terranova R. **, Nicolaides A. ***


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):131-9

Suppression of inti­mal hyper­pla­sia with low molec­u­lar ­weight hep­ar­in in a sheep model

Ao P. Y., Hawthorne W. J., Coombs R., Fletcher J. P.


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):140-4

Neutrophil count and ampu­ta­tion in crit­i­cal limb ischae­mia

Belch J. J. F. *, Sohngen O. * **, Robb R. *, Voleske P. * **, Sohngen W. * **


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):145-8

Fluorescence micro­lym­phog­ra­phy of the upper extrem­ities. Evaluation with a new com­put­er pro­gramme

Lauchli S., Haldimann L. *, Leu A. J., Franzeck U. K.


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):149-53

Impor­tance of gly­ca­tion in the accel­er­a­tion of low den­sity lip­o­pro­tein (LDL) ­uptake into mac­ro­phag­es in ­patients with dia­betes mel­lit­us

Maki­ta T., Tana­ka A., Naka­no T. *, Nakaj­i­ma K. *, Numa­no F.


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):154-7

Com­par­a­tive of blood flow to the ankle-bra­chi­al index after iliac angio­plas­ty

Allouche-Cometto L., Leger P., Rousseau H. *, Lefebvre D., Bendayan P., Elefterion P., Boccalon H.


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):158-62

Role of dip­y­rid­a­mole myo­car­dial scin­tig­ra­phy in abdom­i­nal aortic aneu­rysm ­repair

Matsumoto K., Nakamaru M., Obara H., Hayashi S., Harada H., Kitajima M.


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):163-70

Mech­a­nisms under­ly­ing ­increased plate­let reac­tiv­ity in ­patients with periph­er­al arte­ri­al dis­ease. Pre­lim­i­nary ­results

Reininger C. B., Boeger C. A., Steckmeier B., Spannagl M., Scweiberer L.


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):171-5

Prev­a­lence of ­venous insuf­fi­cien­cy in ­French ­adults of the SUVI­MAX ­cohort

Preziosi P., Galan P, Aiassa M., Hercberg S., Boccalon H. *


International Angiology 1999 June;18(2):176-81

The phy­si­cian B. Adamantiades and his con­tri­bu­tion to the dis­ease Adamantiades-Behçet

Dimakakos P. B., Tsiligiris B., Kotsis T.

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