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International Angiology 2002 September;21(3):260-7

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Platelet aggregating response to platelet activating factor participates in activation of the 12-lipoxygenase pathway in platelets from rabbits

Michibayashi T.

Clin­i­cal Pathoph­y­sio­lo­gy, Divi­sion of Human Com­pre­hen­sive Med­i­cine, Grad­u­ate ­School of Med­i­cine Sap­po­ro Med­i­cal Uni­ver­sity, Japan


Back­ground. Many throm­bot­ic angio­pa­thies are known to orig­i­nate from abnor­mal­ities in plate­let-blood ves­sel inter­ac­tion. The ­present study focus­es on the plate­let acti­vat­ing fac­tor (PAF)-­induced plate­let aggre­gat­ing mech­a­nism and the ara­chid­o­nate meta­bol­ic path­ways acti­vat­ed by it in plate­lets from a male rab­bit.
Meth­ods. Blood ves­sel con­trac­til­ity was exam­ined using per­fused arte­ri­al seg­ments dis­sect­ed from rab­bit ear cen­tral arter­ies. Autol­o­gous plate­let rich plas­ma (PRP) was ­infused into the per­fu­sion ­system. Vas­cu­lar con­trac­til­ities were exam­ined dur­ing infu­sion of PRP with a plate­let ago­nist such as col­la­gen or PAF. Plate­let aggre­ga­tion was meas­ured with a plate­let aggre­gom­e­ter.
­Results. Vas­o­con­trac­tile ­response to nor­a­dren­a­line (NA) dur­ing infu­sion of PRP with PAF was initial­ly aug­ment­ed but grad­u­al­ly ­became atten­u­at­ed, where­as repet­i­tive vas­o­con­trac­tile respons­es to NA in the pres­ence of PRP with col­la­gen grad­u­al­ly ­increased. Plate­let aggre­ga­tion in ­response to PAF was mod­er­ate­ly inhib­it­ed by both nor­di­hy­drog­uaia­ret­ic acid (NDGA) and bai­cal­e­in, 12-lipox­y­ge­nase (LOX) inhib­i­tors, was unaf­fect­ed by indo­meth­a­cin (IM), a cyclo-oxy­ge­nase (COX) inhib­i­tor, and was mark­ed­ly dimin­ished by EGTA, a cal­cium che­la­tor.
Con­clu­sions. PAF-­induced plate­let aggre­ga­tion may par­tic­i­pate in the acti­va­tion of the 12-LOX path­way rath­er than the COX path­way in plate­lets, and is remark­ably sen­si­tive to intra­cel­lu­lar Ca2+ lev­els.

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