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A Journal on Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Official Journal of the Italian Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
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Giornale Italiano di Chirurgia Vascolare 1999 December;6(4):239-50


Aneurysms of the inter­nal ­iliac ­artery. Indications for sur­gi­cal treat­ment ­with tac­ti­cal and tech­ni­cal ­notes

Ippoliti A., Di Giulio L., Pistolese G. R.

From the Vascular Surgery Department and Specialisation School “Tor Vergata” University, Rome, Italy

Background. The ­authors ana­lyse the clin­i­cal pres­en­ta­tion, diag­nos­tic pro­ce­dures and treat­ment of inter­nal ­iliac ­artery aneu­rysms.
Methods. Of 729 ­patients under­go­ing aor­toi­liac aneu­rysm sur­gery ­between July 1990 and March 1999, 18 pre­sent­ed aneu­rysm of the inter­nal ­iliac ­artery: 12 ­were asso­ciat­ed ­with abdom­i­nal aor­tic aneu­rysm, ­while 6 ­were iso­lat­ed, includ­ing one in a bilat­er­al ­form. Two cas­es ­were symp­to­mat­ic: one ­patient under­went emer­gen­cy aneu­rysm ­repair fol­low­ing rup­ture, ­while ­another pre­sent­ed hydro­neph­ro­sis. The ­mean age of ­patients was 67 ­years old; 16 ­males and 2 ­females. Patients select­ed for elec­tive sur­gery under­went ultra­son­o­graph­ic, CT and angio­graph­ic con­trols. Proximal liga­tion was per­formed in 4 of the 12 ­patients ­with asso­ciat­ed abdom­i­nal aor­tic aneu­rysm; aneu­rys­mor­rha­phy and ­suture of the emer­gent arte­ri­al branch­es ­were ­also per­formed in 8 ­patients; the inter­nal ­iliac ­artery was revas­cu­lar­ised ­more dis­tal­ly in one ­patient, and the infe­ri­or mes­en­ter­ic ­artery was reim­plant­ed in ­another. Of the 6 "iso­lat­ed" cas­es, prox­i­mal and dis­tal liga­tion was car­ried out in 2 ­patients ­with resec­tion of the aneu­rysm; prox­i­mal ­suture and aneu­rysm reduc­tion was per­formed in 2 cas­es; one ­case was treat­ed ­with aneu­rys­mor­rha­phy and ­bypass graft­ing ­between the com­mon and exter­nal ­iliac arter­ies. The ­patient pre­sent­ing involve­ment of ­both inter­nal ­iliac arter­ies under­went aneu­rysm resec­tion on one ­side and cov­ered ­iliac stent­ing ­after inter­nal ­iliac ­artery embol­isa­tion on the con­tra­lat­er­al ­artery.
Results. The oper­a­tive mor­tal­ity was 11.1% (2 cas­es): one ­patient ­died ­from myo­car­dial infarc­tion and ­another due to mul­ti­or­gan fail­ure ­after rup­ture. The ­patient ­with hydro­neph­ro­sis recov­ered ­after the oper­a­tion.
Conclusions. At fol­low-up (­mean = 52 ­months), two ­patients had ­died ­from myo­car­dial infarc­tion 28 and 44 ­months ­after the oper­a­tion.

language: English, Italian


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