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Giornale Italiano di Chirurgia Vascolare 1999 June;6(2):105-18

language: English, Italian

A com­par­a­tive mor­pho­log­i­cal and func­tion­al ­study of the ­effects of UW and Celsior solu­tion in the hypo­ther­mic pres­er­va­tion of rat aor­ta

Nardo B., Catena F., Cavallari G., Turi P., De Vincentis F., Giordano R. °, Pasquinelli G. *, Faenza A., Cavallari A.

From the Surgical Clinic II (Head: Prof. A. Cavallari)
* Department of Biochemistry (Head: Prof. L. Masotti)
** Institute of Electron Microscopy (Head: Prof. M. Derenzini)
University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy


Background and aim. Few and con­tro­ver­sial ­data are report­ed in the lit­er­a­ture regard­ing the ­effects of endo­the­li­um-medi­ated vas­o­reg­u­la­tion of solu­tions ­with dif­fer­ing potas­sium con­tents. A num­ber of ­works ­have ­shown ­that low potas­sium con­cen­tra­tions are ­more effec­tive for the ­short- and ­long-­term pres­er­va­tion of arter­ies. Other stud­ies ­have sug­gest­ed ­that the ­high K+ con­tent of UW solu­tion ­might ­alter the bal­ance ­between the dif­fer­ent vasoac­tive sub­stanc­es pro­duced by vas­cu­lar endo­the­li­um. Endothelial ­cells ­release vasoac­tive sub­stanc­es ­that exer­cise the ­main ­effects on ­local vas­o­reg­u­la­tion. These ­include the capac­ity to ­release ­smooth mus­cle ­cells and the inhi­bi­tion of plate­let adhe­sion and aggre­gra­tion. The aim of ­this ­study was to eval­u­ate chang­es in the mor­phol­o­gy and func­tion of rat aor­ta sam­ples pre­served at 4°C for var­y­ing peri­ods of ­time in two solu­tions: one ­with a ­high potas­sium con­cen­tra­tion (UW) and the oth­er ­with a low potas­sium con­tent (Celsior).
Methods. Male Wistar ­rats ­were ­used, weigh­ing ­between 220-250 ­grams, ­kept in stan­dard con­di­tions and fed on a ­free ­diet. Under gen­er­al anes­the­sia ­with ­ether, the tho­rac­ic aor­ta was ­removed, ­after lav­age in ­situ ­through the abdom­i­nal aor­ta ­with 10 cc of UW or Celsior solu­tion. Morphological anal­y­sis was per­formed ­using a scan­ning elec­tron micro­scope (SEM) and trans­mis­sion elec­tron micro­scope (TEM). Vasomotor func­tion was eval­u­at­ed by record­ing the iso­met­ric ten­sion of the aor­tic seg­ments ­exposed to adre­ner­gic and acet­yl­chol­i­ner­gic stim­u­li, respec­tive­ly con­tract­ing and dil­a­tat­ing the ves­sel. The ­results ­obtained ­were ana­lysed ­using Student’s “t” ­test for ­unpaired ­data and var­i­ance anal­y­sis fol­lowed by Bonferroni’s ­post -test.
Results. No sig­nif­i­cant mor­pho­func­tion­al dif­fer­ence was ­observed in the aor­ta seg­ments pre­served in ­either solu­tion for 48 ­hours. On the con­trary, great­er mor­pho­log­i­cal and func­tion­al alter­a­tions ­were ­found ­after 72 ­hours in aor­ta seg­ments pre­served at 4°C in UW com­pared to ­those ­kept in Celsior solu­tion.
Conclusions. For rel­a­tive­ly ­long peri­ods (72 ­hours), Celsior solu­tion, ­with a low potas­sium con­cen­tra­tion, ­should be pre­ferred to hyper­po­tas­sic UW solu­tion ­because it is ­more effec­tive in pro­tect­ing endo­the­lial func­tion and the reac­tiv­ity of the ­smooth mus­cle com­po­nent.

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