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Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0031-0808

Online ISSN 1827-1898



Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3)


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):169-73

Hypertension and related risk factors in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Lunetta M., Barbagallo A., Crimi S., Di Mauro M., Sangiorgio L., Mughini L.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):174-8

Laser-Doppler-flowmetry in preterm newborns during apneic events

Sabatino G., Chiarelli F.*, Angelozzi B., Verrotti A.*, Ramenghi L. A.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):179-82

Gastric foveolar immature cells (mucopeptic cells) expansion in body-fundic advanced intestinal type gastric cancer in patients with chronic non-atrophic (“superficial”) gastritis: Helicobacter pylori role

Testino G.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):183-5

Effect of moderate and heavy alcohol consumption on intestinal transit time

Papa A., Tursi A., Cammarota G., Certo M., Cuoco L., Montalto M., Cianci R., Papa V., Fedeli P., Fedeli G., Gasbarrini G.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):186-90

Study of release of eosinophil cationic proteins (ECP and EPX) in the hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES) and other hypereosinophilic conditions

Bobbio-Pallavicini E.*, Confalonieri M.**, Tacconi F.*, Mainardi E.*, Della Porta R.***, Ceccato D.°, Maccario R.°, De Amici M.°


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):191-5

Electrolytes and cognitive function in the elderly: relationship between serum sodium and chloride concentrations and psychometric test scores

Rondanelli M., Solerte S. B., Ferrari E.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):196-8

Does endothelin-1 play a role in the renal function of cirrhotic patients?

Bruno C. M., D’Amico R., Ierna D., Neri S.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):199-203

Advantages of straight graft for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Yasuhara H., Shigematsu H., Muto T.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):204-9

Left ventricular filling in young patients affected by insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: a stress Doppler echocardiographic study

Borgia M. C., Pellicelli A. M., Medici F., Barba Cosial J.*, Cabañero J.*, Huelmos A.*, De Paola G., Lionetti M.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):210-3

Anastomotic femoral aneurysms: is an increase in interval between primary operation and aneurysms formation related to change in incidence?

Levi N., Schroeder T. V.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):214-8

Problematic bile duct stones: polyvalent treatment

Tritapepe R.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):219-22

An unusual complication resulting from surgical treatment of periampullary tumours

Testini M., Regina G., Todisco C., Verzillo F., Di Venere B.*, Nacchiero M.*


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):223-5

Time length of negativization of hCG serum values after either surgical or medical treatment of ectopic pregnancy

Colacurci N., De Franciscis P., Zarcone R., Fortunato N., Passaro M., Mollo A.*, Russo G.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):226-38

Genetic deficiency of factor VII and hemorrhagic diathesis

Iannello S., Prestipino M., Belfiore F.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):239-43

Neonatal drug addiction

Fabris C., Prandi G., Perathoner C., Soldi A.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):244-6

Prophylaxis of cystine calculi by low dose of α-mercapto-propionyl-glycine administered every other day

Berio A., Piazzi A.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):247-9

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in a gynecologic service. A report of three cases

Di Vagno G., Cormio G., Di Gesù A., Loverro G., Caniglia A.*, Selvaggi L.


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):250-3

Hemoglobin Agenogi [β 90 (F6) Glu→Lys] found in Piedmont. Case report

Scimè-Degani V., Ivaldi G.*, David O., De Paola M., Rabino-Massa E.**, Ricco G.***


Panminerva Medica 1998 September;40(3):254-7

Clozapine treatment in an adolescent with bipolar disorder

Masi G., Milone A.

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