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Panminerva Medica 1999 June;41(2):139-42

language: English

Endo­crine chang­es in post­men­o­pau­sal wom­en after ­high-­dose dan­a­zol ther­a­py

Rigano A., Sturlese E.*, Rigano M.*, Baviera G.**

From the Depart­ment of Endocrinological Gyne­col­o­gy, *Department of Obstetric and Ginecology, ** Department of Clinical Biochemistry Uni­ver­sity of Mes­si­na, Ita­ly


Back­ground. Pur­pose of the ­study was to inves­ti­gate chang­es in the hor­mo­nal pat­tern in post­men­o­pau­sal wom­en ­after ­high- ­dose dan­a­zol ther­a­py. In 16 post­men­o­pau­sal wom­en (­mean age 66.4±8.6) treat­ed ­with dan­a­zol 1.2 g/die ×21 we stud­ied ser­um lev­els, ­before and ­after ther­a­py, of FSH, LH, E2, fE2, T, fT, D4-A, ­DHEAS, ­SHBG.
Meth­ods. FSH, LH, ­SHBG by ­IRMA ­kits (DPC); E2, T, ­DHEAS, D4-A by RIA ­kits (Sor­in Bio­med­i­ca) ­after ­celite micro­col­umn chrom­a­tog­ra­phy; fT by ­coat-A-­count kit (DPC); fE2 by equi­lib­ri­um dial­y­sis; ser­um albu­min by bro­moc­re­sol-­green color­imet­ric meth­od.
­Results. ­After ther­a­py ­there was a sta­tis­ti­cal­ly sig­nif­i­cant ­decrease of LH by 13%, of FSH by 19%, ­SHBG by 84% and ­increase of fE2 by 24.5%, fT by 77%. Oth­er hor­mones ­show chang­es ­that are not sta­tis­ti­cal­ly sig­nif­i­cant.
Con­clu­sions. In post­men­o­pau­sal wom­en dan­o­zol ther­a­py, ­even if at a high­er ­dose, has ­about ­same ­effect on hor­mo­nal pat­tern as in nor­mal­ly ­cycling wom­en. Dan­a­zol ­showed a ­clear anti­go­nad­o­trop­ic ­effect and can ­play a ­role in ther­a­py ­when reduc­tion of gon­a­dot­ro­phins and E2 secre­tion is desir­able.

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